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getting by... life with an ileostomy

So I'm blogging for the first time in... almost a month? Goodness.

I've thought about blogging but I just can't seem to put forth the energy. I think I might be suffering a little depression since the ileostomy surgery...
Of course that's normal, at least that's what the doc and every one else tells me. It sucks though. I put on a good front but it's getting to me. It's harder and harder to hide it. I know I'll be better once my pain is gone and I'm back to a busier schedule. This sitting around recovering business is not good for my head or my soul. 
In my head, I've had several blog posts but just haven't gotten them out. This is frustrating.
Here is the latest update on my progress with the ileostomy: READ AT YOUR OWN RISK-I am very open and frank about what's going on. I had no idea how some of this would go down after surgery because no one really talks about some of  it. When I started experiencing some of these symptoms I thought …