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A Not So OK Day is OK

This month has been filled with lots not so OK days. I've struggled with chronic pain, achy joints, abdominal cramping, nausea and extreme fatigue.

Here's an example of my not so OK day today: Struggled with insomnia last night so I got about 5 hours of sleep total but not all at once.Tummy cramps and nausea awoke me this morning.I lay in bed for about 30 minutes willing myself to get up but afraid the nausea might win.Took the handful of prescribed meds, vitamins and minerals needed to make my body function. Also added anti-cramping and nausea meds to the cocktail (not pictured). Ate a small gut friendly breakfast (not because I'm hungry--trust me, I'm not--but because the meds need it) and my 1 cup of coffee (more than 1 cup = more cramping + nausea).Sat in my comfy chair and caught up on social media and reviewed today's TO DO list to figure out what MUST be done today and what can be postponed. This may seem a bit lazy to most however, it is my way of adulting wi…