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Ask Me Why I'm Blue

I'm blue because in the last five days, colon cancer has claimed the lives of two beautiful and brilliant women. One was 56 and the other 40, too young to leave their family and friends behind. Too much life yet to live. It's not right. It's not fair. Cancer is a cruel predator that takes and takes, torturing it's prey until there is nothing left but loss and grief. It's robbed 2 sets of parents of their daughter, two husbands of their beloved wife and a combined 5 children, grown and small, of their mother. A set of grandchildren also mourn the loss of their grandmother, grandchildren yet to be will never know the love of a special woman. These women leave behind a legacy of love and friendship. They were women of integrity and they will each be remembered for their zest for life.


Life is short, make the most of everyday for each day is a gift that some do not receive. Growing old is a privilege some will never have.

I'm not sure if colon cance…