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All Gut Love & What That Means

I'm back in my fighting stance!
I think anyway...

I'm learning how to stand on my own after 24 years of marriage. When a long term relationship ends it really messes with your head.

You wonder:
What's wrong with me? Why is this happening? What happened to happily ever after?  You feel:
BrokenheartedHopelessConfusedAngry You want to:
Crawl up in a ball under the covers in the safety of your bed.Lash out.Sit and watch mind numbing TV. But because you are an adult you have to function in the real world and find a new path. So here I am, adulting on my own.
While married, my future seemed secure and mapped out. Finances, retirement, daily routine... As a single person, things are different. My divorce left me financially stable thankfully and this post is not bashing him in any way, I'm just trying to figure out what my new future will look like. I want to be able to add to my finances but with a chronic illness and it's unpredictability, working outside of home is not fe…