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Let's Make Some Noise!

We made it through May!! This was a cray-zee month! Graduation of our high school senior, end of sophomore year for our other high schooler and barn house built at our hunting ranch. We are now embarking on summer vacation with a trip to Austin for a family reunion on the lake. Whoop whoop!!
Of course, in order to be ready for summer I had to squeeze in a pedi/mani. No self respecting girl would accept less. This turned out to be a bit of an adventure... I ran several errands before the mani/pedi which resulted in me eating lunch late. So, I crammed some Chick-Fil-A down my throat with a Coke.
When I need to be in a setting like a doctor's office or a mani/pedi chair, I try to avoid eating on the run and ingesting carbonated beverages. Let me explain why. When I eat fast food now, it goes through my system much faster (probably because it's not real food) resulting in a full ostomy bag fairly quick. When I add a Coke to that, it adds air to the mix making my bag feel like a wate…