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You Can Take The Girl Outta Texas...

June 29, 2018: I officially became a resident of Southern California.
It's been a dream, a bucket list item, a goal, a desire...all the live in a place where the weather doesn't beat you up and leave you dead in a ditch.
This all happened so fast that I'm still spinning, still waking up shocked that my location arrow has changed.
I am almost a full month into my Oceanside, California life and I have to say, I'm pretty sure this is one of my better decisions.
However, I have never felt like more of a misfit in my entire life.
I was born and raised in Texas, right in the middle of the panhandle. Amarillo is where I became who I am. I went to elementary through high school and enrolled in college there, even went to a few classes in college but it just didn't take. I guess I'm more of a hands on, life lessons, trial and error, seat of my pants educated kind of girl.
I love Texas and the people of the panhandle especially. I miss my friends and …