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My friend, Katy Ely (the X Factor girl &, was needing some photos to update her website with so I volunteered to try my hand at it. I have a decent camera so, we loaded up one day last week and headed out to get a few snapshots.This was SO MUCH fun! Maybe I was a photographer in a former life? Maybe it's just the camera, but, dang if these didn't turn out spectacular!  Katy is an awesome subject to work with. She's like this natural poser so all I did was point and shoot! Talk about photogenic too, her big blue eyes and beautiful smile just pop in photos. Her inner Diva came to life and that girl worked the camera around her little finger! To prove it, I'm posting a few of my favorite shots here.

I love being creative and these really sparked that in me. I'm thinking I need to break out the camera more often. In exchange for the photos, Katy is giving me some voice lessons. I think she got the short end of the stick on this deal! I love to sing and m…

Day One

Today marks the first day of our detox from summer. Next week starts two-a-days for football and the end of our care free, schedule free, lazy days. I am not sad to see the summer coming to an end. We, as a family, function much better with the routine of school.
Don't know what will happen to us when the boys go off to college...
So up and exercising was our first goal. CHECK, done by 8:40. Goal 2: whip this house and the boys back in shape. This may be the hardest challenge yet so it is the only other goal for today. Oh, except for me to cook dinner...yep, it may be a hamburger helper type night.
Depression symptoms seem to be less over the last few days. Maybe because I spent more time outside. I really need to soak up the sun. Wednesday we went to the lake with some friends, this was so wonderful! It did amazing things for me. Nothing like good friends, good sun and good fun.
Last week I picked up Experiencing God to do as a family this fall. It's been almost 20 ye…

Dry and Dusty

I must be in a funk. I cannot, for anything, get motivated.
Part of me wonders, is it the dry and dusty landscape or am I dry and dusty inside?
It's true that we are in a terrible drought right now. No significant rainfall for months has left our big open spaces brown and tired looking. Aside from lawns that are watered there isn't any green. It's quite depressing to see. Farmers who don't irrigate can't grow, those who do have mangy looking crops. Yards that are watered still have dry and patchy spots. Where is the rain?
This is how I feel inside too, dry and patchy. Why isn't my sprinkler system working? I think I need a thunderstorm both physically and spiritually.
Spiritually speaking, I am in a self-induced drought. I haven't been dedicated to the Word. I've been lazy. No excuses, just lazy. Oh, I've read plenty of books, just nothing worth anything to my soul. Thanks to a friend of mine who texted me to see if I had read or knew of any good Bi…

Antibiotics: Friend or Foe?

Avalox. This is an antibiotic that I took a couple of weeks ago for 5 days to clear up a nasty sinus infection. It is one of the very few antibiotics that I am not allergic to. While it worked wonders on my sinuses it wreaked havoc in my gut. Every time I must take an antibiotic I also take probiotics to help keep my colon happy. When I feel myself getting sick, I try everything in my power to get over it with out the help of antibiotics, but sometimes, you just need a round to kill infection. Even though I was only on the Avalox for 5 days, it was enough to cause some serious cramping and put me in bed for several days. I won't share the gory details of all that antibiotics do to me, lets just say that I must stay close to a bathroom.

It's been 10 days since my last dose and I am still feeling the effects of the antibiotic. I have had to change my diet to include more carbs than normal because veggies don't do me any good when my system is off kilter. They actually make …