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2012 Turkey Trot & Other Thoughts...

This is me, post 2012 Turkey Trot 5 mile Race. Yes, I'm a smiling goofball. So happy to have crossed the finish line!

It was CRAZY with hills!! I thought I'd die from those hills! They felt more like mountains to this flatland Panhandle girl! I managed to run the race with 20,000+ other people and averaged about a 12 minute mile. I had to really push through those hills and ended up "power walking" most of the uphill portions. I crossed the finish line at 1:02. It's not fast by any means but it isn't too bad either.

It was a total adrenaline rush! I loved being in the middle of all these people striving for the same goal. So many people with varying skill levels and different walks of life coming together to complete a singular task, to cross a finish line. Such fun!

These guys here, ------------------------------------> were my running buddies. Ben (with the beard) is my bro-n-law and his friend Adam is the other guy. Adam left us in the dust and Ben fin…

Presidential Election

Oh the drama!!

Who will be the next president of the United States??

So tonight is the night. Today we will have decided who sits in the oval office answering to the coveted title of Mr. President. Will it be Obama or Romney?

The hubs and I were in Vegas during the Gore/Bush election. It was a strange feeling, going to bed NOT knowing who the next US president would be. When we woke up the next day, we were still amazed that there was still no final decision. We went weeks not knowing who would be our leader. And it was ugly.

This election may prove just as exciting...

I am not political, passionately anyway. I know where I stand and what I believe in. I know what is best for our personal welfare and I vote accordingly. I do not make a big deal out of it. I don't challenge my friends and family who feel differently. I think this is a privilege we should not exploit. I love that we have the option to choose our governing bodies. This is the beauty of being an American citizen. I d…