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in a funk...

Do you ever do this?

I have been in a funk for about a month now. Can't seem to get motivated or accomplish anything. Couldn't even blog! My house is a pig sty, I'm behind in the laundry and if it weren't for the kids, the dishes would over take the kitchen.

I'm letting it all hang out in hopes that someone else can relate...

I'm tired all the time yet I don't sleep very well. Frustrated beyond frustrated. Starting to wonder if my meds are working. I have managed, somehow, to keep working out. I feel great for a while and then I crash HARD. Now, my colon seems to be joining the unhappy forces and has made it's self know the last couple of days.

So what now?

Do I try to push through and hope things will take a turn for the better? Or, do I call the doc and start tweaking my meds (which I loathe)? The thought of making a decision here is slightly overwhelming.

When I go through this funk, it's very hard on Shannon. He tries so hard to be patient and u…