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Does money have power?

So this is one of those questions like: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Right now I am sitting in a hotel lobby listening to the conversations going on around me. One particular conversation caught my attention. There is a group of 4 men sitting a couple of tables over, and on happens to ask the group this very question.
First, let me tell you why this caught my ear. Not too long ago, Shannon and I accompanied a then unmarried couple friends of ours on a summer trip to the mountains. They had been working through a book of questions to ask each other before getting married. As chaperones, we were there to bless them with our infinite marital wisdom. (yes, you may laugh out loud now.)So, this question pops up not long after we hit the road. "Does money have power?"
Next I should tell you, Shannon and I have been married for 15 years at this point. We should know each other by now. The truth is we do know each other, but, that does not mean w…

Letter to Pain

To Pain:

I can't remember the last time I had a Pain free day. I can't remember the last time I was able to get out of bed in the morning and my first thought not be of you.

Sometimes I feel like I'm caught under the ocean current, struggling to fight against it. If I stop, will you take me under for good? Trying to keep control and not panic is wearing me out. I'm weary today. Everything seems hard. You are breathing down my neck like a predator.

Sleep didn't come easily last night. My entire body was buzzing with a weird sensation. Supposedly, working out helps in Pain management. I'm still waiting. You've robbed me of my rest.

The sun is shining but I'm in bed with the curtains drawn. Heating blanket turned to the max. As I lay here, my mind travels through the many things I want and need to do today. My body says no. My soul aches for normal day, but my body betrays me.

Yes, I know tomorrow is a new day and joy comes in the morning. I am thankful fo…

The Official start of 2011

Tomorrow marks the official start of 2011... Yes, I know it's actually January 3rd but when you have kids in school there's no sense in starting until they go back!

This year I will stop thinking in excuses. By that, I mean: I will not make excuses for not doing, completing or attempting something before I begin. I noticed in 2010 after fat camp (fitness ranch) that I often give myself outs before I ever attempted anything. I am a strong believer in one day at a time but I tended to take it to the extreme. I often kept myself from accomplishing goals because I gave myself too many outs. This year will be different. No more excuses!! I will think in the terms of now and future. I will tell myself, when I complete such and such I will do this.

I am so tired of letting myself down.  I am claiming 2011 as mine. I will make it great. I will think positively and I will overcome myself.

I plan to be in the moment this year. I often joke with my family that if I were a bad girl I woul…