Does money have power?

So this is one of those questions like: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Right now I am sitting in a hotel lobby listening to the conversations going on around me. One particular conversation caught my attention. There is a group of 4 men sitting a couple of tables over, and on happens to ask the group this very question.
First, let me tell you why this caught my ear. Not too long ago, Shannon and I accompanied a then unmarried couple friends of ours on a summer trip to the mountains. They had been working through a book of questions to ask each other before getting married. As chaperones, we were there to bless them with our infinite marital wisdom. (yes, you may laugh out loud now.)So, this question pops up not long after we hit the road. "Does money have power?"
Next I should tell you, Shannon and I have been married for 15 years at this point. We should know each other by now. The truth is we do know each other, but, that does not mean we think alike. This question proves this point. He gave his answer and I was shocked that he could feel so differently than me! Money has never been a spot of tension in our relationship. We agree on how to invest it and how to save it. I usually defer to his wisdom on this subject because this is an area he is very knowledgeable about. Which shocked me even more when our answers were completely opposite of each other.
By the time the road trip was over, our friends were still making gooey eyes at each other because of course they agreed completely on the subject and were nauseatingly happy about. What they couldn't believe was how heated Shannon and I got over our disagreement on the subject. There is probably noe right or wrong answer, just a matter of personal opinion, but we are both quite certain our own opinion is the law! It's a wonder we survived that little raod trip. You'll be happy to know our friends are happily married and our chaperone responsibilities were not derailed by "The Question."
So, I would love to hear your thoughts on this question before I lay out mine and shannon's.
Talk to me!


  1. Oh, do I ever have an opinion, having been 1/2 of the couple on this road trip with you!!! I now avoid that question in your midst at all costs! haha!

    I do not believe money, (in and of itself) has power. I do believe PEOPLE give it power and use it as a tool to power over others.

  2. I agree that money in and of itself does not have power, but we each assign it power based on our priorities. A quote to ponder: "Money will buy you a pretty good dog, but it won't buy the wag of his tail." ~Henry Wheeler Shaw


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