The Official start of 2011

Tomorrow marks the official start of 2011... Yes, I know it's actually January 3rd but when you have kids in school there's no sense in starting until they go back!

This year I will stop thinking in excuses. By that, I mean: I will not make excuses for not doing, completing or attempting something before I begin. I noticed in 2010 after fat camp (fitness ranch) that I often give myself outs before I ever attempted anything. I am a strong believer in one day at a time but I tended to take it to the extreme. I often kept myself from accomplishing goals because I gave myself too many outs. This year will be different. No more excuses!! I will think in the terms of now and future. I will tell myself, when I complete such and such I will do this.

I am so tired of letting myself down.  I am claiming 2011 as mine. I will make it great. I will think positively and I will overcome myself.

I plan to be in the moment this year. I often joke with my family that if I were a bad girl I would be P!ink. There are several things I like about her. Her music rocks and I seem to connect with it on a certain level. She is who she is. I don't necesarilly agree with everything she stands for or believes in but I do admire her individuality. Her passion. Her larger than life presence. She lives in the moment. I want to be larger than life, living in the moment and not afraid to be passionate about what I feel and believe! I want to live. I've spent too much time worried about my health, today- I plan to be the instigator of life.

Monday I have a To Do list as long as my arm...
I will not stress about checking off each chore but I will be dedicated to follow through. I plan to workout with Killer Kurt tomorrow too. Monday will be a big day, no doubt...Thomas starts Bushland, I go back to the gym and we knock out the chores we've put off for the holidays. You should see the mound of laundry waiting.

So off I go to get the house in order for the morning. Goodnite friends.


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