My friend, Katy Ely (the X Factor girl &, was needing some photos to update her website with so I volunteered to try my hand at it. I have a decent camera so, we loaded up one day last week and headed out to get a few snapshots.
This was SO MUCH fun! Maybe I was a photographer in a former life? Maybe it's just the camera, but, dang if these didn't turn out spectacular!  Katy is an awesome subject to work with. She's like this natural poser so all I did was point and shoot! Talk about photogenic too, her big blue eyes and beautiful smile just pop in photos. Her inner Diva came to life and that girl worked the camera around her little finger! To prove it, I'm posting a few of my favorite shots here.
My ABSOLUTE fave. So glamorous!
A nice classic pic here. 

Here's the DIVA I was telling you about...
She's so photogenic and a complete natural in front of the camera.

This was just pretty darn fun!
I love being creative and these really sparked that in me. I'm thinking I need to break out the camera more often.
In exchange for the photos, Katy is giving me some voice lessons. I think she got the short end of the stick on this deal! I love to sing and maybe she can help me so that other people don't cringe and plug their ears when I do...
There's 2 things I've always said I will know if I've made it to heaven: One, I will wake up and not have to reach for my glasses and two, I will be able sing with the angels. I think I'll add a third: my colon will be happy!
So this wannabe photographer is wondering who else will look good behind the lens? Katy is my first real person to try to photograph seriously. I've snapped a few of my family and sporting events and other random things but, shooting Katy was on another level. I really had to pay attention to lighting and lens angles. It was a great challenge and I'm pleased with the results. 
I have a friend who is an AMAZING photographer, Courtney Wilkerson. She did the photos of my family that are on this blog. She's kinda been my inspiration, OK-- she IS my inspiration in the world of photography. She transformed her hobby into a very successful business. I've known Courtney since she was a tiny little squirt. Her two older brothers were close friends of mine growing up and she was really close with my sister. Our parents go way back too, honestly, we're more like family. You should check her out if you are in need of wedding, engagement, senior pictures, etc...
Goodness, I need to get crackin' for the day. I could sit here and blog all morning but unfortunately, the laundry is calling. 


  1. I love taking photos too. We should take some photos of each other and practice! At the end of school, I just finished an online photography class by Karen Russell called Snapshots of a Good Life. It was very in depth and I learned so much! You should check out her blog at Her online class was worth every penny. Seriously. So I guess when the kids go back to school it's tennis, lunch, cosmos and then photos :)

  2. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE ALL OF THE PICTURES!!! It was such fun :-) Can't wait to have your lessons :-) Love you


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