Antibiotics: Friend or Foe?

Avalox. This is an antibiotic that I took a couple of weeks ago for 5 days to clear up a nasty sinus infection. It is one of the very few antibiotics that I am not allergic to. While it worked wonders on my sinuses it wreaked havoc in my gut. Every time I must take an antibiotic I also take probiotics to help keep my colon happy. When I feel myself getting sick, I try everything in my power to get over it with out the help of antibiotics, but sometimes, you just need a round to kill infection. Even though I was only on the Avalox for 5 days, it was enough to cause some serious cramping and put me in bed for several days. I won't share the gory details of all that antibiotics do to me, lets just say that I must stay close to a bathroom.

It's been 10 days since my last dose and I am still feeling the effects of the antibiotic. I have had to change my diet to include more carbs than normal because veggies don't do me any good when my system is off kilter. They actually make me feel worse as they are very hard to digest and make me feel like I ate a box of razor blades. This is so frustrating as I struggle to loose the extra pounds this damn disease has put on me in the first place. Not to mention, we are headed to the beach in Costa Rica on Saturday! I am trying hard not to focus on this but to focus on getting healthy so I can enjoy our trip. So, I may not have a bikini body but that's OK, at least I will feel good!

I have Remicade tomorrow so that will help tremendously. We (my nurse & doc) moved my treatment up a week so I could have it before Costa Rica and I am so thankful for that! It will help me get over the hump of the stupid antibiotic. A friend was sharing with me some of the things she's heard about the drug and asking if I would ever consider a more homeopathic method. I would love nothing more than to be able to control or be rid of this disease by using a more natural medicine than something cooked up in pharmaceutical lab. However, I've tried the natural way. I've changed my diet, taken supplements and all that jazz. It worked for a while until I had a flare that nearly killed me. Now, I'm a little gun shy to stop a treatment that has given me my life back. I completely and totally believe in homeopathic medicine. I use acupuncture and massage therapy to control pain. I take vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. I drink tons of green tea and try to eat right. If the Remicade stops working, I will consider other routes. I know my friend has my best interest at heart and I love her dearly. It's good to have people in your life who want the best for you. She was worried that she would offend me but I took it as a sweet gesture.

Antibiotics as well as other prescription drugs are over prescribed in this country. I am allergic to a list that I need both hands to count on. Is this from over use or is it the make up of my body? Who knows, but I do think this country is a pill happy nation. If you can take a pill to "fix" whatever symptom your experiencing, then that is so much easier than treating the root of the problem by taking better care of yourself through diet and exercise. This is just a little soapbox of mine. I don't think pharmaceutical companies should advertise their pill of the week on TV. I know-free press and all, but seriously, we are talking about prescription drugs here not cereal! They took cigarette commercials out and those are available to pretty much anyone, 18 or not. OK, maybe cigarettes are not good for you but neither is taking a drug you saw advertised on TV then convinced your doc that you need it because you can say all the right symptoms fro the commercial...

Alright, I'm done with that little rant.


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