Memories of a Life Lived Abundantly

The seconds on the clock seem to be in slow-motion, each one forcing the hands of time to inch slowly along as if they weigh a thousand pounds.

We are waiting. Waiting for the minutes to stop their drive to move time forward. Waiting for her soul to be released into the arms of Jesus. It's why she lived with such grace and abundant love.

Memories of life and love flood my mind like the old black and white silent movies. I stand paralyzed in my grief as the images dance past the backs of my eyelids. A smile on my face even though my heart is breaking.

I see the young woman as she meets her future husband and the sparks that ignite bringing color to this moment in time. The promise of a bright future and many blessings.

Flashes of babies, camping trips and flavorful food that caresses my mind's nose.

Christmas trees and gifts that flow into the middle of the Hinkle house living room surrounded by their children and their children's children.

Memories of crawling through the pass-through closet as we hide from the mean cousins who inevitably catch us with squeals of delight and shushing from the adults.

Creeping down the basement stairs to spy on Gramps while the musty air of the damp dirt floor imprints permanently on my senses.

Holidays and special occasions celebrated together with mountains of home cooked goodness and laughter that fills the air.

Bible stories and silly games always on the ready for all gatherings.

Summer trips to the sand dunes in the big green machine while sitting on the long bench next to her pillow booster seat.

Snow cones and mud pies, sidewalk chalk and water guns, blanket tents and haunted houses, red wagon and green wheelbarrow rides that might turn to races at any given moment. Walks to the graveyard and bedtime stories of days long ago. Bunk bed hideouts and games of hide and seek peppered with peals of laughter will forever be stored in my heart.

Piles of family loaded in the Winnebago for fun eats, treats and adventures.

"Going to town" just a few blocks away to do some shopping and a great excuse for a sweet indulgence of some sort.

Large orders of delicious foods from the Burrito Lady, Foxy's and Twin Cronnie's spread out like a feast for kings. Vanilla cokes, Cherry Doctor Pepper's in huge cups from Taco Box to wash it all down.

Unconditional love so tangible it stretches beyond the walls of family to touch the lives of countless others.

The music of her favorite hymns gently hummed as she lovingly cared for her home plays as the soundtrack to all my memories.

I can still feel her fingers in my hair as my head rested in her lap through many church services.

The smell of fresh baked bread takes me back to the early mornings of my childhood summer visits.

Though her stature is small, her impact on my life is no less than that of a giant ship's wake rolling gently through the ocean of life. Her waves touching others far beyond what she could ever fathom.

I will miss her laughter and ever present smile but most of all, I will miss her open arms and zest for life. No matter what life brought her she always found joy in every day, happiness in small things and love in every person.

Go with God Grammy, enjoy and celebrate a beautiful life lived abundantly. Reunite with your loved ones who wait for you in the golden streets of Paradise. And most of all, rest in the arms of your Savior as he whispers gently, Well done my good and faithful servant.


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