A Call to Africa

I want to tell you about a very special person. She is young, like early 20's young, and she has a dream--no-- a vision. It's a vision she has turned into reality. This girl has persevered through so many trials on a daily basis I honestly can't believe she hasn't packed her bags and flown the coup!

This is Rannah. She has a calling on her heart to serve the deaf children of Uganda, Africa. This passion began as a high school teen in a small town located in the panhandle of Texas. She dreamt of providing a boarding school for the many children who are deaf due to the malaria medicine in Uganda. Because of the lack of education and the poverty levels, deaf children are often considered cursed, worthless and unable to learn or earn wages for their family. Most are never taught how to communicate. They have very little value if any if they aren't able to help provide. Many are mistreated, ignored, abandoned and even discarded.

Rannah's heart was truly broken when she learned of the treatment of deaf children in Uganda.  Her dream of teaching sign language and providing a place for them to live, learn and flourish soon became a passionate vision that called her heart to Africa straight from high school. She embarked on a journey to build a school for the deaf children and teach them communication skills, give them value in a society that is ignorant and superstitious and above all, show them the Love of their Heavenly Father.

Rannah is a devout Catholic. She has prayed and persevered through so many valleys on this African road. She always puts her trust in God and knows that He will provide what is needed as well as the strength and courage she uses every day. This has not been an easy mission for Rannah. The storms she has weathered are enough to send the strongest, bravest man running! She often cries herself to sleep due to the immense responsibility she feels not to mention the frustration of fulfilling her goals in a foreign country and yet she gets up every single day and presses on.

Her school has now become a reality and with the help of many contributions and sponsors there are deaf children learning to communicate for the first time in their lives! They are discovering that life isn't always cruel. They are embracing the love from this incredible and amazing young woman!

St. Francis de Sales School for the Deaf is no longer just a dream! You can find her page on Facebook too. Please take a minute to see what this beautiful, brave girl is doing. If you feel moved to sponsor or donate click here. She is working on completing the paperwork for her 501C3 so that you can have a tax benefit.

My goal is to be able to sponsor Rannah through my It Works business monthly. Right now I am in the process of building the business so that I can automatically transfer $30 a month in order to sponsor a child. Y'all, $30 a month is not an unrealistic amount. That's a dollar a day! That ONE DOLLAR WILL make a difference in a child's life. This post is not to promote me, it's just an avenue I have to support Rannah. If you are in the market for quality health and wellness products, please check out my site and know your purchase will contribute to making the lives of these kids better. These kids are learning that they can be contributing members of society. They are being taught they have value, they are worthy of good things! This $30 provides a place for them to call home, a bed to lay their heads at night, meals to fill empty tummies AND an education!

My son, Erik, loves this beautiful soul of a woman. He's been to Uganda and seen first hand the work Rannah has done. He witnessed her struggles to bring fresh, clean, running water to the school which took a ton os sweat, tears and money. He ran and laughed with the kids as they embraced a place where they are wanted and loved. He held crying youngsters unable to understand or ask why as they were abandoned by their families at the school. He held Rannah when she needed comfort and strength to keep pushing forward. Every task Rannah does for the school is like pushing a barrel full of rocks up a steep hill but she never complains. In my book she truly is a saint. If you don't have all the feels after learning about Rannah and her mission you must be a robot.


  1. Monnie, this is beautiful. Thank you. Thank you.


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