treadmill marathon

Why is running so much easier on a treadmill versus the real outside world? My hips and shins are killing me from 2 days ago! There go my dreams of being a marathon runner...unless... there is a treadmill marathon...

Don't know if I could do a marathon anyway. My idea of training consists of working out to burn enough calories to justify a glass of wine in the evening. Is that bad? 

As I write this, the World Cup is on TV and I love watching soccer almost as much as basketball. Maybe I will become a professional soccer player in my next life, the field looks soft--my hips could probably handle it. Besides, I would have amazing legs that way too. And the shoes, I love the bright colors and designs on soccer shoes. Fashion would be my second reason for professional soccer. Not to mention, you can play in the indoor arenas and not fight the wind.

Another reason for a treadmill marathon would be the dad gum wind! Our trees are almost bent in half, pointing directly to the north--like a compass. If I went running in this, I could run the 15 miles to Amarillo in about 15 minutes but it would take me three days to get home. UHG. 

Yet another pro for treadmill running, i can read while exercising! Seriously, you cannot run down the road holding a book in front of your face--too dangerous and stupid looking. (it's all about looking good after all) And a treadmill is equipped with a book stand, how awesome is that! It holds my kindle perfectly. Yes, treadmill running is my sport of choice. If one must exercise then one should be able to enjoy it to the fullest. 

My kindle currently holds over 70 books. 58 of those have been read, the others are in the process of being read or waiting patiently to be read. Going to the gym is the perfect excuse to knock back a few chapters. I choose the most exciting, page turners to exercise with. You know the ones, you can't put it down until you read that last word on the last page. You'll read with one eye open 'til the wee hours of the morning. These are the perfect books to exercise with. Before you know it, your timer is dinging and sweat is running down your brow. Now you can look forward to sitting on the back patio with that glass of wine and finishing that book this evening without guilt.

I wonder if they serve wine at the finish line of a marathon. This may change things drastically. Note to self-check into marathon finish line celebrations.


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