routine is HARD!

Summer is officially in full swing. We've all been sunburned to prove it! 

I've made a conscious effort to stay in some sort of routine this summer. This is not an easy task for me at all! My health does much better when I put it as a priority, so this summer I have been getting up every morning by 8 am and going to bed by midnight. Again, NOT easy for me. I love to stay up late and sleep late, be lazy and have absolutely no agenda. I seriously could live in a hut on a beach worrying about which swimsuit to wear and which book to read, however, this is very unrealistic--or so I've been told anyway...

OK, so back to my routine--I have managed to work out at least 4 days a week. I try to hit the gym mostly and I have started a yoga class with my mom which has been very interesting. I am enjoying it because the instructor is very knowledgeable and funny too. She is from Brazil and I am mesmerized  by her accent. Not to mention, I can imagine doing yoga poses on the beach as she instructs us occasionally using Spanish words for the ones she cannot remember in English.  

My body is beginning to change shape though I have not stepped on a scale in quite some time to see if my weight has changed. I need to get my tape measure out and see how many inches I've lost in various bits of my figure. Some of my clothes fit differently and some just don't fit, although it's far and few between, I hang on to that as motivation. 

My other priority has been trying to eat right. Also good for the weight loss goal but even better for the colon health. I try to buy healthy food, fruits & veggies with only the occasional package of cookies making it in to the grocery cart. I've cut out cokes completely, well that's not completely true--I enjoy a diet coke now and then (like once or twice a month). But, I no longer crave a coke everyday. I drink a lot of tea, unsweet and mostly green. Soooo much better for you! Especially if you have bowel issues. Carbonation can be quite painful.

I have felt pretty darn good over the last few weeks with only a few days of giving in to pain. I must say that this schedule thing is quite tiring though! I have come home a couple of times from working out and crashed on the couch for an hour or so. A few days have required cat naps in order to function. I am impressed with how much a person can get done in one day when rising early! 

I wish it could be summer all the time. When kids are grown and off doing their own thing, I may have to force Shannon to sell everything and buy a hut on a glorious beach somewhere. Or maybe, I will live at a beach resort during hunting season. Shannon lives for hunting season so I may encounter some resistance during those months. A girl can dream though...


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