Gut Rumbles & Liquid Diets

Wednesday I had had enough. For some reason, my gut rumbled nonstop all day. (I wish I could speak gut rumble then I'd know what to do) During my workout Wednesday afternoon, my tummy started to cramp. My trainer was showing me how to use a certain machine when he looked over at me and saw that I was crouching on the floor holding my stomach. It was such a strong cramp that I couldn't really talk through it. (Flashbacks of labor.) It let up pretty quickly and I resumed my workout but it wore me out. I ended up cutting my workout short.

This frustrates me on so many levels! For one, I am trying to get ready to do a 5K on Thanksgiving day. I spent the better part of Sunday through Tuesday in major joint pain. I lived on pain killers for 3 days straight and spent a lot of time in bed. Some training, huh. I really want to accomplish this goal. Surely, I can do this. Even if I have to walk it, I will do it.

So by Wednesday night I decided I wouldn't eat solid food, I would just do a protein shake for dinner. I felt much better so I decided to do liquid all day for Thursday. I had a much better day and was even quite productive. I did eat solid food for dinner and seemed to handle it OK. It's Friday, and I'm thinking I will keep to the liquid until dinner again. My gut is still very rumbley but at least the cramping has subsided.

After I finish this blog post I'm going to either hit the gym or take a short run around the neighborhood. I have come up with a plan to walk/run so many minutes every other day working up to a full run for approximately 40 minutes by the time the 5K rolls around. I can do this right? A 40 minute run should cover 3 miles for me at a pace I can handle. I just want to be able to complete a 5K, I don't care about being in the top finishers. My goal is just to finish.

My doctor says I'm in remission as far as the UC goes so I don't understand why I'm having these symptoms. My last scope revealed that I have healed considerably since the last one where they quit during the middle for fear of perforating my colon due to all the swelling, bleeding and ulcers. Doc also said he couldn't believe the level of healing and with out knowing my history would have had a hard time diagnosing UC. Pretty cool, right. So why am I still dealing with cramps and severe joint pain? This is why I want to know more about the J-Pouch, since it is a cure for UC.

I do wonder about the joint pain, is there something else going on? My blood work is all normal and the inflammation markers are too. Is the joint pain purely a symptom of the UC disease or a sign of fibromyalgia or another weird thing?  Good gosh, I hope it's not something else. I like to keep my diseases to a minimum and UC is about all I can deal with.

Well, no more procrastinating...I'm off to workout.


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