What a day!

WOW! Today was CRAZY!!!
Erik was up most of the night with major stomach issues but slept in and awoke feeling good enough to go to school at noon. By 2pm he was calling and asking to come home, complaining of right sided abdominal pain. Of course, that shook me so I picked him up and headed straight to the dr, AGAIN!
Thankfully, after a lengthy exam, belly xray, urine test and blood draw, appendicitis was ruled out. Let me tell ya, I thought for sure we would be in the waiting room of the surgical unit of the hospital tonight! So, so, so glad it's not so! After all this, it is decided Erik is just dealing with the symptoms of taking antibiotics for 4 weeks. This we can handle. I can't stand to see my babies hurt.
Tonight we went to Tascosa Tennis Center to watch Nina Lemar and Alex O'Brien in an exhibition match. Great fun! Shannon got to run around and hit a few balls with them too. The match was a fundraiser for Nina as she is trying to go pro. She has true talent and we are really rooting for her! It made me want to pick up a racket and hit some. If only I was good at sports with balls...
In other news--I'm feeling pretty good even though I'm on antibiotics for the dumb sinus infection. Been having a few stomach cramps but staying on the probiotics. Hopefully will try to fit in a run tomorrow before my slumber party!


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