The Last Day of 2010

This time of year I always spend reflecting over what has happened over the last 365 days. 2010 has been a good year. I started it with a new sense of well-being and have continued that attitude even with a few setbacks. I can honestly say, this has been a blessed year in so many ways.

In January of 2010, I made a goal to focus on my health, become stronger and incorporate fitness and healthy eating as a daily habit. I have pretty much stayed true to that goal too! 

In February I went to a fitness camp--Rancho Cortez--outside of San Antonio, Texas. I learned so much and pushed myself harder than I have in a long time! I realized I am capable of a lot more than what I thought. I over came many obstacles, physically and mentally. It was a HUGE challenge to my mindset. I hadn't realized that I put limits on myself physically that were very, very low. The first day at the ranch completely blew those out of the water! I came home more sure of myself and ready to take on physical fitness challenges. 

March brought spring break for the kids so we headed to Colorado to do some skiing. I love the mountains no matter what time of year. I feel God's beauty surrounds me totally when I look around at the awsomeness of the mountain range. We skied and skied, it was great fun and a major workout to boot! Because of my new found desire to conquer physical activity, I pushed through the soreness of skiing and the body aches of the UC and had an amazing time. I felt like I was a kid again, no fear of anything, just getting caught in the moment of life. This is what I want everyday. To be IN the moment, living IT! Hanging with Shannon and the boys is always one of my favorite things to do. Road trips and close quarters means lots of hang time...

April came and I took a trip to see my cousin in San Diego. We had a wonderful time hanging out and catching up. She is also working on improving her lifestyle with weight loss and healthier habits so we had a lot to talk about. She showed me a good time there, introducing me to her friends and taking us dancing. I love to dance and man, was I sore the next day! After my trip, I was scheduled to have my port put in. It's a "minor" day surgery, but you know what the saying is: "Minor surgery is on someone else, if it's on me it's major!" It was a heck of a surgery and it hurt! And to top it off, it was really gross looking too! Friends said it looked like I was bit by a rabid dog. Shannon was so sweet and attentive through it. It has healed perfectly now and made my Remicade treatments so much smoother too. Also in April, Shannon's grandmother passed at 97 years old. She was an incredibly sweet and loving person. She is missed and we all have fond memories of her. She waited over 10 years to be reunited with her hubby and I know they had a joyous reunion in heaven. 

Spring was in full swing when we were notified in May that we had inherited the contents of a family friend's home. This was a very emotional event. The friend had died several years ago but her hubby and sister-in-law had continued living in the home until their deaths. The house was in deplorable shape. It made us all so sad to know these people lived their last few days surrounded by a once beautiful home that was slowly crumbling around them. We were sickened by how those around them designated as care givers took complete and total advantage of these elderly sick people. I came away from that experience with a sense of stewardship. There was nothing we could do now to help the sweet woman who loved the Burdett family as her own but maybe we could take care and cherish the items she left to us.  May sent Erik to the CHS prom with his date. It was a new thing for all of us and he looked so handsome in his tux! It took some convincing but we finally got him to leave his skater shoes and wear the most uncomfortable shiny black dress shoes that came with the tux.

June marked the official start of summer. With kids out of school and the pool in full use, we relaxed and played all day. It was a great time to get caught up on home projects and enjoy some lazy days. Summer is always my favorite time of the year. My body does not ache like it does in the cold months. We often find ourselves on the back patio with friends, cooking out and watching kids splash in the pool. 

July 4th was the 2nd annual Burdett Family Shrimp Boil. It was so fun! All of Shannon's family and my parents joined us for the festivities. We visited the ranch and hiked a little, then geared up for the big night of food, fireworks and family fun. From our back patio, we have 180* view of fireworks. All of our surrounding neighbors seem to try to out do each other and it lasts until the wee hours of the morning. I think this will become a tradition we will keep for many, many years. I love it!

August was rough for me. I had to really work hard to deal with some UC issues that crept up on me.

September rolled around very fast. We found ourselves caught up in football and other school activities. Shannon was very busy laying water line pipe at Happy Vista ranch. That was a job! I even pitched in a couple of times. It was hard work but really nice to be outside enjoying the amazing views of the canyon. Every time I go out there I amazed by God's handiwork!

October brought hunting season to the Burdett home. Shannon LIVES for hunting season. The weather began to cool down with cold fronts moving in from the north. This is very hard on me. My body aches started to become much more demanding, but I kept working out and fighting the urge to crawl into bed until May. Erik was really sick during this time. He couldn't seem to kick what started out as a cold and turned to a raging sore throat and sinus infection; then due to several doses of antibiotics, he developed thrush. I bet he missed more school then than he did in his whole school career.

November marked my first ever 5K. Because of the stupid body aches I wasn't able to train like I needed to in order to run the full 5K. I was very disappointed but I still participated anyway by walking the 1 mile part with my Bubba dog. We were in Austin for the Thanksgiving holiday hanging with Shannon's family. It was a wonderful time and great fun. November in Austin is really nice and I was relieved to be away from the drastic weather changes of the panhandle. November also brought me a new challenge. I decided to sell Premier Designs Jewelry. It's a great product and a great company. Plus, I can do it on my own terms and earn a little money for my shoe habit...

December means Christmas everything! This was the year for my family to celebrate together. My sister and her family came in from Sacramento and we spent a couple of days over in Clovis with the rest of the extended family. I love going to my Grammy's. She's 92, living on her own still. I can't even fathom the day she goes home to be with the Lord. She is the epitome of all Grammies. I haven't been very good about staying with my exercise plans or my diet...seems I've developed the taste for real Coke. Not good on so many levels! #1, my colon becomes very irritated by soft drinks and #2, hellooo! Calories! December is bringing a big change for Thomas too. It marks the end of his Canyon Eagle-dom. As of January 3rd he will be a Bushland Falcon. Bushland is a 2A school and we feel it will offer Thomas some great opportunities from the smaller class size to the ability to play all sports. He needs that physical outlet and motivation to continue to do well academically. Canyon is a great school, Erik will continue on at CHS and graduate in 2013.

So, over the last few days, I've been thinking of changes for the new year 2011. I think a good place to start is kicking the Coke habit. Next is getting back into my workout routine. I want to really pursue this jewelry thing too. I really enjoy the jewelry and hope to be able to make a few extra bucks at it too. Plus, it's all about getting girls together and having fun while shopping. I am just a party waiting to happen and combine that with the sport of shopping and I'm a happy camper! It's also time to take charge of my lack of self-discipline! I need to get a grip on the closets and other nooks and crannies that seem to grow with more useless stuff. The TV show "Hoarders" has convinced me that I can live without most of the crap that hides behind closed doors. I think I'll need to rent a warehouse or the massive garage sale I plan to have this spring.

I want to run more in 2011. I'm reading a book about 2 women who started running blogs and try to manage careers, husband, kids and household with out loosing their sanity. I know I'm a runner at heart because I have such a desire for it. When I read about other runners I become consumed by their stories. I picture myself running the same trails. I just need to make it reality, a priority...

Here's to a new year with new possibilities and new challenges, to 2011! (I'm toasting all of you with a cup of hot green tea, too early for the grown up stuff.) May 2011 be filled with many blessings you and yours! Talk to ya next year...


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