16.75 INCHES!

Before the WLZ, look at those meaty arms!
What is 16.75 inches? Well, I'll tell ya!!! It's the amount of inches my body has lost since starting the Weight Loss Zone program! Stinkin' Amazing! As one of the ladies there put it: I'm loosing the "fluff!" Love that, I don't want to be fluffy anymore.

I was totally prepared to be let down today when I went in to the Weight Loss Zone to be weighed. I have only been on the program for a total of 19 days and about 6 of those I had some colon issues pop up due to some stress in my life. Those 6 days knocked me off track diet wise and so, I was just hoping I didn't gain anything. I have to incorporate more carbs and less raw veggies to please the colon during these times. But, as soon as I was feeling better, I jumped back on the wagon.

16.75 inches total People!!!
Let me just tell you--I have never had this much success on any other program! People have been telling me that my face looks skinnier and my sweet hubby tells me he can tell a difference too, however, I think I just thought they were being nice and trying to encourage me. I guess, they were actually telling me the truth!! Imagine that...
Today, leaving WLZ. Sooo happy!!

So, as I sit here typing and eating my favorite Taco Villa lunch, I am so pumped and even more dedicated to staying with this program. Yes- that's right, I said TACO VILLA! This is what's so great about this program, it's totally realistic and easy to follow! I am munching on a grilled chicken salad (minus the tortilla bowl) topped with fresh salsa as dressing. Every now and then I treat my self to the taco meat salad because I love the flavor of their meat. I do have to forgo the guacamole since it's too fatty but hey, it's all about compromise.

Look, you can see definition in my face! WOOT WOOT!
Surprisingly, I have not missed my former carb intake. I am shocked by this since I love, LOVE carbs. The protein drinks I do between meals really curbs my hunger for snacks. I do get hungry around 4pm which is when I would be most likely to munch down on some unhealthy carbs. To help with this I grab some string cheese. I found myself getting gas one day and hankering for something to eat, so instead of grabbing a candy bar I picked up a thing of beef jerky. While this is probably not the most ideal snack, it was better than the Peanut Butter Twix I wanted and it is protein. This can't be a usual for me but again, it was a nice compromise. I ate the jerky and felt satisfied.

The protein drinks and meal replacement bars are so fabulous that Shannon has started dipping into them. We have our coffee with the chocolate cinnamon one and it's like going to Starbucks every morning. I've had to stock up extra so that he can use them too. The boy plays at least 6 hours of high powered tennis each week so he can use the extra protein as well.

Speaking of tennis, in my last post I talked about the lesson my friend and I are taking. Well, we are now taking 2 lessons a week and loving it. These lessons consist of gasping for air, sweating profusely, and wobbley arms and legs from exertion. Even though my friend is a beginner, our instructor is working us hard! It's so much fun. This will help me tremendously as we draw closer to swim suit season. I don't think there is a muscle in my body that I don't feel at this moment! Between tennis and my work outs with Killer, I may eventually be a hottie. (Ha ha ha ha ha...)

The only downside to loosing weight... My crows feet are becoming more noticeable. Oh well, at least I will have cheek bones again!


  1. Awesome Post! You are a natural sales person for promotion! So happy for you and your results! I want to hear about this creamer btw. I am always making my coffee skinny but it's just not the same as 1/2 n 1/2 and some real flavor. Please let me know.
    Glad your enjoying tennis....Miss seeing you girly.
    Love Love!


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