Some days are just harder than others. It's a fact and the sooner you accept it the better you can deal with it. Still, it sucks to struggle.

I'm struggling right now. Trying to find my new normal has many ups but sometimes, the downs seem so strong they might take me over.

I've posted before about being frustrated because I can't get my energy and stamina back quick enough. Today, I'm really having a hard time. I feel like I've run a marathon and all I've done is house work. The laundry is about to kill me. I hear it conspiring against me as it groups together in like colors. The towels are especially cruel with all their lint and bulkiness. The socks, don't get me started here, I know they are playing hide and seek, never wanting to be matched in pairs easily...

Ok, I sound like I need a padded room now.

As usual, I found solace in the Word. (I wish I would remember to do this EVERY SINGLE DAY.)

I opened my Bible, almost daring God to speak to me--that's the kind of mood I'm in today--and guess what was written in Amos (which I never read): Seek God and live! You don't want to end up with nothing to show for your life. This is out of The Message translation which I really like on days like today. Sometimes it feels like a slap in the face but other times it's just the Truth spelled out how I need it.

So I've re-evaluated my attitude for today and I'm thanking the Lord for the strength and energy I do have and I'm thanking Him for what's to come. I'm also gonna say thanks for my struggles, even though this isn't an easy task, I'm doing it.


  1. Heck! I feel like that a lot and I don't even have the reasons you do!

    Keep hanging on to Him kiddo. One day this will be far behind you.

    1. thanks beth! miss seeing your pretty face!


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