Spring Break Adventures...

Ahh, home again, home again...
We just returned from our spring break trip to Telluride, Colorado. While the scenery was beautiful and the food amazing, it wasn't the best trip we've had. I was unable to ski due to the stupid fracture in my left foot so while the boys and Shannon hit the slopes I hit the town. 
Do you remember the scene in Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts (in her hooker get-up) goes shopping on Rodeo Drive and gets shunned in the store? Well, that pretty much sums up my experience in Telluride--oh, minus the hooker get-up! I was wearing jeans and a sweater but evidently still didn't look the part enough to be shopping there...Geez, I hate when people judge you based on the first 10 seconds they see you. One lady looked up at me when I entered her store and actually frowned then proceeded to ignore me while I looked around, then she was all over the woman who walked in after me! I mean really, you would have thought I was some homeless person by the way she treated me. I was tempted to do the whole Julia Roberts scene where she comes back and puts the shop ladies in their place...
Anyway, I love to ski so the fact that I couldn't was very disappointing. I did try though. My doctor had given me permission and said a ski boot is like a cast so I would be fine. I got the boots and skis on which was not easy considering my left foot is still pretty tender. Shannon and I got to the first lift and I was sooo excited! When it was our turn to catch the lift, Shannon and I lined up at the line and waited for the lift. That was the last fun moment of the skiing adventure for me. 
As the chair approached, we readied our poles and waited to plant ourselves firmly in the chair. I turned to take hold of the chair with my free hand, as I reached for the lift's side bar Shannon beat me by a second and sat down swinging the chair out from under me. My rear was already in motion, aiming for the seat that was no longer there. There was no stopping the next string of very embarrassing events. As I went down, my arm caught the chair lift seat pushing me forward. This sent my skis sliding on the ramp where they eventually stuck in the snow pitching me forward. All I could do was go with it. One by one my skis popped off as they were caught between me and the lift, yet they still managed to beat me to pulp in the 10 seconds it took for the lift to be stopped. I was a jumble of skis, boots and flying limbs. My only thought was to keep my head down to avoid being hit by the chair and knocking myself out. Meanwhile, Shannon is shouting "Stop the lift! Stop the lift!" He's trying to grab me to help me up and get off the chair at the same time. His arm gets caught in the lift and he ends up being pushed forward while trying to hold on to me at the same time. This only makes matters worse as I am dragging along the ground and he is stuck to the lift. When the chair finally comes to a stop, after what seemed like hours, Shannon and the ski patrol guy begin piecing me back together. By this point, I had tunnel vision and couldn't see through the haze of embarrassment of what just happened. We finally lined back up and caught the chair with out incident. As I looked back and saw the massive line of people that had accumulated during my lift fiasco, I was even more mortified! All I wanted to do was get to the top of the mountain and blend into the slopes. 
We finally reach the top and dismount the lift. The boys join us and want to relive the events at the bottom of the mountain with me. I quickly assure them that I am completely fine although, I can feel several knots and bruises forming on various parts of my body. So we finally make our way to the slope we want to go down and my day manages to get worse. My fractured foot is not behaving and refuses to follow orders. As I begin my decent two things happen, my left foot cannot handle the pressure I need to stay in control and it will not make a left turn. I finally come to a stop, narrowly missing a small child, and realize I will not be able to ski. At this point, it's a little late to turn around and hit the lift back to the bottom. So, while I slowly make my way to a spot where I can cut across to a much easier slope Shannon is encouraging me as he waits. My tunnel vision has returned and if my dang foot hadn't hurt so bad I probably would have been laughing hysterically. I finally reach Shannon as skiers zoom past me making me feel like a complete idiot. We find a short cut over to the bunny slope. I take my skis off in order to "walk" to the new slope. BAD IDEA. I take one step and my boot sinks in the snow to my knee and I face plant. Every time I try to push myself up my arms push through the snow and I am stuck up to my shoulders. What I didn't realize when I took of my skis was that I was standing in a drift! After several incredibly long seconds, I ungracefully work myself out of the drift and over to the path and on to the slope. I finally get my skis back on and make my way slowly down the bunny slope. However, this is not the bottom of the mountain, it led us to another lift and a restaurant. We decide to take a break as the boys are STARVING. 
While eating lunch, I decide there is no way I can make it down the rest of the mountain with out seriously injuring myself or more likely, someone else. A ski instructor sits down at the table next to us, so, I explain my situation and he calls for ski patrol to come get me and take me to the bottom. Shannon and Thomas head out to resume skiing while Erik and I wait for my escort. Thank goodness, they send a snow mobile! They take me to the Gondola where I can ride back to the bottom and Erik skis down to meet me there. I think the snow mobile ride was the best and most fun of the entire trip. That's kind of sad, huh.
At the bottom of the mountain I cannot get to the rental place fast enough to turn in my skis and put that ugly orthopedic boot back on my very sore and achy foot! Erik and I head back to the condo where we both curl up and read our kindles. 
And that wraps up my ski adventure. The boys and Shannon had a great time skiing and no more mishaps since I was staying off the slopes. 
We did manage to improve the trip on the way home. We stayed in Albuquerque at the Hard Rock Casino and resort where Shannon managed to wine almost 5 grand and get our room and meals comped! So that was very fun and didn't involve skis for me! 


  1. Love reading your blog. I enjoyed your misery but felt your pain!

  2. Dang girl!! I'm sorry that happened to you! Just think of the work out you got through all that torture!


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