The New Diet for a Cranky Colon Girl...Cross Your Fingers!

Well, as I said before, I was doing so good on my weight loss plan before I broke my foot. After that, I just seemed to loose all momentum. I've always said age is a state of mind, but lately, I have been reminded that I am not 23 anymore...

I went, this past Friday, to see a friend who works at The Weight Loss Zone. She is an amazing woman whom I've only know a short while but instantly liked her. (Is that the right usage of "whom"??) We met through a mutual friend a few months ago and have stayed in contact. If you want to hear an incredible weight loss story, check out her blog. She has lost over 100 pounds and kept it off by using the techniques of The Weight Loss Zone.  From Fat to Phat

So, back to Friday--I had made an appointment the day before and was surprisingly nervous when it rolled around. Why? I don't really know honestly. I guess I've realized that this weight loss thing is a huge commitment and not an easy one either. When I arrived at the office of The Weight Loss Zone, I was mesmerized by how cute and welcoming the waiting area is. The whole office is gorgeously decorated making you feel like you've stepped into a boutique instead of a clinical office. Of course you should know, I love to decorate so this is something I always notice. Anyway, I was warmly greeted by the staff and my friend, filled out the necessary paperwork and taken into a consultation room which was just as darling as the waiting area. There, I sat on a comfy couch while Katy-my friend and consultant-began to tell me about The Weight Loss Zone.

Katy is very much a teacher in spirit and was full of great information. She not only went through the handouts but added some of her personal story to the consultation. She explained why it is necessary to follow the plan and made it very personal by asking about my daily routine. She showed me how easily it can work for me because it can fit right into my daily life. She gave me tips on how to make certain steps very simple and hassle free.

After discussing what a regular day holds for me, it was determined that I do not eat enough protein. This didn't surprise me as I do not eat much meat. I can go a full day with out eating meat and never miss it. I do, however, eat PLENTY of carbs. The Weight Loss Zone diet is a High Protein Low Carb one which made me a little leery of trying it, but after visiting with Katy, I can totally do it. It's not that I need to eat a ton of meat every day, I can supplement with these great protein shakes they offer. And, I do mean great! I was completely surprised at how good they were.  They also have protein bars that are a total treat, like a candy bar. In fact, I am sipping my morning coffee mixed with a chocolate cinnamon protein packet right now. It's my new fave!

Other products they offer are nutritional supplements such as: fish oil or flax seed oil, liquid minerals, etc.
Let me just tell you about the fish oil and flax seed oil because these surprised me the most. How nasty is the typical fish oil? I know your making a face right now just reading about it! Their fish oil is liquid--wait, don't judge yet! It is a lemon meringue flavor that is mind blowingly good. Fish oil causes my colon to cramp so I can't take it, therefor, I opted for the flax seed oil. This tastes like an orange Smarties candy. It's also a liquid with a creamy texture. A tablespoon a day goes down smoothly and helps keep you healthy during your weight loss. I'm also using the liquid minerals that I take in a shot glass. These too, are not bad tasting, nor are they gritty.

As a girl with Ulcerative Colitis, my digestive system does not work like a normal person's. It's a bit whacky, to say the least. Food and nutrients tend to fly through very quickly with out allowing my body to absorb the necessary minerals, vitamins and protein I need. This causes 2 things to happen: A) I spend more time in the bathroom than most people and, B) my body hangs on to fat because it's worried it won't get enough fuel otherwise. Add HUGE amounts of prednisone or steroid doses over a few years and whaah-laaah, you get a chunky, frumpy figure.

Typically, UCers require special diets. We have a very hard time processing raw veggies and fruits, complex carbohydrates, dairy products and even some meats. Most diets call for whole grains and lots of salads or raw fruits and veggies. This can wreak havoc on the colon of a UCer, sending us to the bathroom 20+ times a day or quite possibly to the ER for major pain meds or even a brief hospital stay...I speak from experience.

For UCers, we need simple carbs, veggies and fruit that can be steamed to almost mush or pureed. Yum, huh. Well, this Weight Loss Zone diet actually provides ways of obtaining the necessary nutrients through the shakes and supplements. I've now used these for 2 days straight and have not had ANY colon issues at all! The carbs allowed in the program are also simple carbs making digestion much easier.  The fact that several of the recommended supplements come in a liquid form is a huge bonus. It allows for faster and easier absorption in the body. After taking the liquid minerals and flax seed I have not experienced any cramping or increase in bathroom trips. Believe me when I say, I would know in the first hour after consuming something that does not agree with my cranky colon! You would think I would be bone skinny with this stupid disease... Actually, I was for a while-- before the steroids.

I'll admit that I've only been on this program for 48 hours but I have high hopes for it. It's the first one I've found that seems to be colon friendly. I've tried several plans in the past: Weight Watchers-a great program in which my dad lost a ton of weight-but it didn't work for me. Calorie Counting on my own, this is just too hard, honestly. Tried another shake supplement through a friend who does Beach Body, which I think is still a great program for others, but it kept me in the bathroom within 15 minutes of consuming the product. Researched the HCG diet and found out the drops are made from purified pregnant woman's urine, need I say more?

The Weight Loss Zone is surprisingly convenient and affordable too. You buy food at a regular grocery store and pick up the protein shakes at the clinic. You can cook for your family using the guidelines of the program and they won't feel like they are on a diet too. You don't have to eat their meals like Nutri-system or Jenny Craig. (I have no experience with these plans but just feel they wouldn't work for me personally, as I need to feed a family of four and not just myself.) I am looking forward to the next few weeks as I stay on the program and begin to benefit from it.


  1. MONNIE!! I love this!!! I can't tell you how excited I am that you are liking the program, I know you will love it more and more as you get into the groove. Can't wait to see you and see how much you have lost in just a short amount of time. PS Thanks for the Blog plug and although you can get to our website from there, I have to plug that as well Love you girl!!!

  2. Monnie! Thank you so much for visiting us at Weight Loss Zone. We are happy that you enjoyed your visit but most of all that you think this might work for you. We try very hard to individualize our program to each person. Our goal is to have each client leave our office happy and with the thought that they CAN do it. We will be there for you each step of your journey. See you at the office!


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