Austin City Limits

This past weekend we left the goats and dogs behind and headed to Austin to celebrate my mom-n-law's 65th birthday. Oh, she many not want her age exposed...sorry, Carlie...
Anyway, it was a great time! We had a fun filled weekend celebrating a fabulous woman!

Tom, Jeremiah, Shannon
The first thing we did was head to Man Bites Dog for some good gourmet hot dog eats. Man Bites Dog is a food trailer in Austin owned and operated by my brother-n-law's brother-n-law. Confused yet? Shannon's sister's husband's sister's husband, Jeremiah. There, still confused? So Jeremiah is fixing to open a restaurant because he's been so successful with the trailer. He's a sharp guy and seems to really know his stuff. We are praying and hoping for his success in this new venture. All you Austin-ites, get out there and try MAN BITES DOG!! Restaurant location should be open in the next week or so.
Next we headed to our downtown hotel over looking Town Lake. We spent the afternoon lounging by the pool and sipping fruity drinks from the bar. I love the Hill Country air. It was so awesome to feel the moisture in it and not be blown to bits by the stinkin' wind. We tend to smell the cattle stock yards up here in the panhandle when the wind blows. So when I say "stinkin' wind" I mean it literally!

Dinner was served on the patio of a local Mexican restaurant with amazing food and margaritas. I guess the margaritas were pretty strong because I can't for the life of me remember the name of the place...
We had the whole Burdett clan as well as the Pickles (my sis-n-law's in-laws)
our dinner entertainment
From there we headed to Dorie's for some cake and birthday celebration.
Bliss, Dorie, Shannon
We all went together and bought Carlie some cowboy boots for her birthday and she was so excited to break them in. So we closed out the evening with boot-scoot-boogying at a local dive called The Broken Spoke. Yes, we took our boys, 16 and 14 and our 10 year old niece to a bar. Only in Texas.

On Saturday, we ventured out on the lake for some canoeing and bicycle boats. Lunch was served at Man Bites Dog again, which was just as good as the day before! Then another relaxing afternoon by the pool where I got lost in my book and stayed in the sun a little too long. For dinner we found ourselves stuffing at Threadgills for some good ole' down-home cookin'. We were miserably full and needed to walk off some of our gluttony. Just down from the hotel is the famous Bat Bridge. Every night about dusk, thousands of bats leave their home under the city bridge over Town Lake to find food. It's quite the event and has been featured on many travel shows. We braved the mosquitoes and hung out under the bridge to see the bats. I only had my cell phone so the pic isn't as good as I had hoped, but you get the idea.

Sunday we ate brunch at Ben and Dorie's, which was AMAZING! We visited the morning away until it was time to head home. A great time was had by all in Austin. Thanks Carlie for allowing us to exploit your birthday for some good Texas fun!


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