Ready, Set, Goat...

Yep- I said GOAT!
You never know what's going to take place in this Burdett house...
Over Easter we took a trip to Oklahoma City and came home with, of all things, a goat. If you know me at all, you know I have a penchant for all of God's creatures. Goats are no exception. I have to say that I am head over heels for this furry thing! We came across this Pygmy goat, which Erik named "Scape", at the petting zoo in the theme park. They were selling the little guys and of course, I felt like they needed to be rescued. Since I couldn't have all of the babies, we took this one.
This was not a well thought out plan. Once we left the theme park, we realized we had to somehow sneak this goat into our hotel and find him some hay. A quick trip to PetSmart solved part of the problem problem, now to get the goat into the hotel. Armed with a dog kennel and rabbit hay, we headed to our hotel in Bricktown.
Do you remember the scene in Sweet Home Alabama where Reese Witherspoon's character runs into an old friend at her home town bar? Reese says to the friend who's holding a baby on her hip: "You have a BABY, in a BAR!" When we got in the hotel elevator with other hotel patrons and the goat started bleating, that's all I could think of: "You have a GOAT, in a HOTEL!"
By the way, goat poop is very easy to clean up. It's like rabbit droppings... TMI? Sorry, it's a common question and having spent the night in a hotel with a goat, it's one I'm asked frequently.
We survived the night with a happy goat who behaved well and didn't give us away. We can mark that off the bucket list now: Spend Night in Hotel with Goat--CHECK!
As soon as we got home, I started making a home for Scape. I promptly went out and bought 2 books on raising goats. The first and most important fact I learned is that goats need a companion. They do not do well as single goats...
You guessed it! I spent the next 2 weeks trying to find a friend, a female friend, for our little boy goat. Can you see what's going on? Do I need to spell it out? I'll give you a hint: Our newest member to the family is named "Mama Goat."
She's 2 years old and full grown. She was running with a herd and is a little people shy right now. Scape thinks he's on of us but Mama knows she's a goat. We are working on changing that.
Another common question I get is "Can you house train a goat?" Well, I don't think so nor do I want to try. As much as I love animals, 3 dogs in the house is enough.
In order to get Mama, I had to make a goat habitat. I wasn't sure how she and the dogs would react together so I made a pen to keep the goats in. The pen connects to the dog door we have into the barn so they can get out of the weather. My dad and I worked all afternoon on building a fence that was supposed to only take an hour according to the directions- HA! They didn't account for us breaking parts and then having to buy another kit to finish the job! Thanks Dad! I couldn't have done it with out you!!!
Now I need to add some rocks and stuff for them to climb on... Dad, what are you doing today??


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