Next Blog Please

Ever hit that little button at the top of the page that says "Next Blog"? You should, it's an adventure waiting to happen. I've come across some of the most interesting stuff. I've caught myself reading about people and situations from all over the world. Some of the blogs have me laughing and rolling on the floor with their witty stories of mishap and observation. I've been reduced to tears as I read of someone's struggle for life or a family trying to find a new normal after loosing a loved one. Some blogs captivate me with their pictures alone, others with their views of the world. A recent blogger caught my attention with his personal art work posted to view even though it was in a language I didn't understand. Another sent me scrambling to the kitchen in search of something yummy to eat after reading her blog on cooking.

People are interesting and everyone has a voice that should be heard.

Anytime I begin to feel like the world should revolve around me I like to hit that "Next Blog" button. It quickly brings me to my knees and my senses. There is a saying that you don't have to look too far to see how good you have it. So true.

Do you blog? Do you journal? How do you process what goes on in your head? I have to write in some fashion. Sometimes it comes out in drawings--very elementary drawing but still theraputic--or putting pen to paper/ fingers on a keyboard. I love to color too. When my boys were little, we would have quiet time at some point during the day (other than napping). This would consist of sitting quietly reading, coloring or writing. My oldest is quite the writer now. I like to think I had something to do with it but who really knows. My youngest doesn't sit still very well but can draw beautifully. I think this is good for the soul. A person needs an outlet that costs nothing. Something you can do anywhere and anytime. When the boys come to me and say they are bored, I tell them: "Only a boring person gets bored." Then I put them to work with chores :). But my thought here is, if you can learn to entertain yourself by yourself then you will never be bored. Also, this is a great way to reflect, process and prioritize.

I have countless journals, notepads, sketch pads and scraps of paper full of thoughts, goals, doodles and lists. Some I've kept over the years, others have been trashed and a few are framed or tucked into scrapbooks. I love creating no matter the venue. I even have a sewing machine and some building projects. Gardening, decorating, exercising and even organizing keep me busy too. The one thing that doesn't seem to catch my full attention is cooking. My poor family. It's a necessary evil to me... so is cleaning.

Next time your bored, click that Next Blog button see what catches your attention. You may be surprised.


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