Weight Loss Drama

I am a bit frustrated with myself. I went yesterday to weigh in at The Weight Loss Zone knowing that I might not have good results due to the fact that I've been splurging. What I mean by splurging is eating and drinking whatever I want since school let out. Not Good!

I gained almost 5 pounds...

I thought since I'd been playing tennis a couple of times a week and doing other exercise that I would have stayed the same. This was a reality check. Obviously, it was the wake up call I needed too.

You know what, because of my lack of discipline in my diet my colon has been acting up for a while too. Then, with the excitement of the job interview, it really yelled at me to straighten up. Time to get my act together again.

I am so disappointed in myself for allowing all the hard work to be undone in just a month. Maybe this was the kick in the rear I needed to stay strong and keep to diet plan. The funny thing is, it's not even a hard plan to follow! It's very realistic and amazingly easy to implement. So, why did I fall off the wagon and drag behind for so long? I'd like to blame the fact that school is out and our routine is, well, not a routine any more, but I can't. I am lazy and didn't prioritize my eating like I should have and now, I am suffering the consequences.

We took a little trip to Red River, NM this weekend. On the way up I ate some fruit snacks-very high in carbs and a small bag of pretzels. Last night we ate at Texas Reds, the most amazing steak place in town. I guess I was feeling a bit sorry for my fat self and totally ate for comfort. BIG MISTAKE! I enjoyed some fried jalapenos, fried okra and a big ole baked potato. Thankfully, we had walked to the restaurant and had to walk back, or I should say roll back. Except, on the way home we stopped by the homemade fudge place. I don't need to tell you that I indulged in a bit of peanut butter fudge but in the act of full confession I am. By the time we got back to the condo I wanted to puke. I was so stuffed and completely miserable I just wanted someone to put me out of my misery. "Kill me now" were the only words I could form.

I probably ate more carbs yesterday than I should eat all week. I don't think I'll be doing that again. The thing is, on this diet you are allowed some carbs but they have to be managed well. There are some great options for me out there too. Sara Lee makes a great 45 calorie bread and then there are some low carb tortillas too. Melba toast is also allowed so it not like you can't have any carbs. When eating out, it's a bit harder so I just try to stay away from breads and starches all together. Surprisingly, I don't really miss the carb intake. Probably because I feel so much better when I stay on program.

I am committed to this weight loss journey. I know there will be bumps in the road along the way and maybe even a few detours. I want to feel good and not just about the way I look but how I feel emotionally. Life is too short to loose days to over indulgence stupidity. Yes, I will probably treat myself now and then, but within reason.

When Katy and I went to Dallas, by the way she is also on the same diet, we splurged some then too. It started with this amazing warm cookie at the hotel... it was like bang your head against the wall good! Probably because we had been staying true to our programs. It made that cookie seem like a little piece of heaven. Right now, my splurges don't feel that way. I just feel like a glutton for punishment. Going back on the program will help enjoy the "cookies" every now and then so much more. I will be able to really savor and experience the ecstasy of it.

Getting back on the wagon now. I'm starting today even though I'm on vacation. I'm tired of feeling yucky from what I eat.


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