Heat Exhaustion

Well thanks to WebMD I diagnosed myself with heat exhaustion. Shannon has suffered from it too so he was my 2nd opinion. Sure glad I didn't have to go to a real doctor...

Here's what happened: I played 2 hours of tennis yesterday morning and half way through the match I started feeling really sluggish. I was drinking water by the gallon and couldn't seem to cool down. By the end I thought I might drop on the court if I didn't get to my car as soon as possible. My car thermometer read 91 degrees at 11am. No wonder I was hot! You can add about 20 degrees to that and that's usually the temp on a tennis court. As I drove home, nausea set in. I figured I was just hot and hungry so I drove through Taco Villa (my fave :) for some lunch and an ice cold drink. When I got home, I showered and sat down to rest and get back my energy. No luck. I started feeling worse. I was shivering and sweating at the same time. I thought this is great, I've somehow contracted a plague of some sort. The nausea set in big time and I went to lay down. Fast forward through a long nap and I take Thomas to the YMCA. As soon as I stepped outside, nausea hit hard and I nearly puked in the driveway for the whole neighborhood to enjoy. Finally I was back home and went straight to bed again. Now it's time for dinner and Shannon and I head to the car because of course, I don't feel like slaving over a hot stove. The minute I step outside into the oppressive heat I want to barf. My head starts swimming and my vision contracts to that of a pin point. After a few deep breaths I can see again but I'm still on the edge of a very high cliff. This sucks. Eventually, it's time for bed and I can crawl in and pass out, which I did almost immediately. 

I'm feeling better this morning but still a little leery of spending much time outside today. I'm guessing that with my ostomy my body is still adjusting to how to function with out a colon and large intestine. I already know to drink lots of fluids to avoid dehydrating but now I'm going to need to take steps to avoid overheating too. It's a little frustrating and honestly, disappointing to have to deal with this. It just snuck up on me and I wasn't prepared at all. The learning curve to this ostomy thing is getting a little tiresome. Just when I think I have a handle on it, here comes a curve ball. Oy.

I'm a little concerned about our vacation coming up in Cabo San Lucas. I love to lay on the beach for hours and taking dips in the ocean to cool down. Sipping something fruity and delicious while reading a good page turner. I must remember to stay hydrated and not get too hot now. *sigh*

Oh well, I guess I need to remember that a few months ago I could've been cold, stiff and 6 feet under instead of planning a vacation to the beach. 

Yes. This needs to be my new focus. 

My pity party is officially over. 

Moving forward- I need to pack for this jaunt to the beach, which will be my first time to rock the ostomy in a bathing suit publicly. Nervous and a little unsure. What if the adhesive doesn't hold up in the constant state of wetness? I'm worried about the waves knocking the whole thing loose and then having a real embarrassing issue of pooh running down my leg. What if I don't notice the bag has completely come off and is floating beside me in the ocean... or worse--the pool!?! 

OK. I'm stopping my obsessing right now, this is getting me nowhere!

I mean really, what's the worst that can happen? Of course any of the above events would be horribly embarrassing but I will not die from it. I might even give someone a great vacation story, besides--odds are I'll never see these people again.

One week from today we will be smelling the ocean breeze and feeling the sand between our toes. I am holding on to this image. Until then, my prayers will be for safe travels and no ostomy mishaps.


  1. This same thing happens to me, even without an ostomy bag. I get so sick but the worst part for me is the incredible headache. My solution, because no amount of water, Gatorade, or big floppy hat action will work, is drugs. I got some Excedrin Migraine which helps some.

    My prayers will definitely be with you while you're gone. I've never had a bag float up beside me but I've had other things.....


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