I'm not tough enough...

What have I done?

I went to the dentist yesterday and had a full set of brace put on. (I say this like I just got my nails done...) Anyway, a full set means both top and bottom teeth. This is my 2nd go around with braces. The first being when I was 11. Now at 39, I'm wearing them again. Thank you wisdom teeth for moving my orthodontically straightened teeth.
I do not remember my mouth hurting this bad when I was 11. I am miserable! Pain is no stranger to me, UC is very painful but now, I'm thinking these braces are going to do me in. I've been eating regular foods to try to help work out the soreness but to my dismay, the chewing has made mince meat out of my cheeks and-- BONUS-- I have ulcer sores all over my mouth. I went and picked up wax from my dentist to cover the braces and I'm taking Advil/Tylenol around the clock. I feel like the biggest sissy!
So tonight, I'm sipping wine and sulking.
I think it's called self-medicating.
I really don't care, I just want the pain to go away.

Onto other topics...

We've moved and are now crammed into a small rent house with NO storage. We like it though. It means we are moving forward and getting ready to build again. My friend and awesome house keeper has cleaned the old one from top to bottom and we are waiting on new carpet for the upstairs. (Boys can totally destroy carpet!) Once the new carpet is in and the downstairs carpets are steam cleaned the house will officially be on the market. I'm sad to say goodbye to such a wonderful home. I loved that house from the moment we put pencil to paper and designed it. It served us well. Now, it will become a wonderful home for a new family and I hope they enjoy it immensely. So if you know of anyone looking for a big home with a pool and barn in the Canyon area...

Hello Mexico!

We are just a couple of weeks away from our trip to Cabo San Lucas and I'm doing my happy dance right now! I want to be on the beach so bad I can taste the salt in the ocean breeze here in the Texas panhandle! I am a land-locked beach bum.
How did this happen?

I've got my Kindle loaded up with all kinds of new books. I judge a vacation based on the amount of books I read; the more books read = the better the vacay! I used to take a carry on rolling suitcase of just books before the absolutely brilliant Kindle was invented. I think that's what I would grab if the house was on fire--forget the kids! (Of course I'm kidding, sort of...)

I spent last weekend in Clovis, NM with my family. My aunt, my cousin and her kids came in from Northern Cali and another cousin from San Diego also came in. We had a wonderful time catching up and being silly. We celebrated another cousin turning 40 with a surprise 70's style party! EVERYONE dressed in their groovy 70's clothes and we danced The Hustle (with the aid of YouTube) and ate all the party foods popular from the 1970s! Thank you Lisha for masterminding the event! It was such a great time and many memories have been created because of it. Oh, and we also got a Pet Rock for a party favor! Could you ask for anything more?

 I love my family. My 93 year old Grammy is still going strong and it's at her house we all meet up. I dread the day Grammy goes home to Jesus. I know she will rejoice with the Lord and the others that have gone before us but I guess I'm a bit selfish, it will be a very hard day.

OK, no more of the sad stuff...

We celebrated Father's Day this past Sunday. Shannon wanted wings and crab legs from Hooters of all places! With it being his day and all, we loaded up and went to Hooters. I think it's only the 2nd time I've ever been there. Good grief, I hope I never have to set foot in there again! First-- with the anti-discrimination laws, the Hooter's girls are NOT, I repeat, NOT the ones in the ads. I can appreciate a well built beautiful woman, however, there were none working on Father's Day. Even Thomas said (and I quote) "I would feel like such a failure if my daughter grew up and worked at Hooter's." Need I say more? I think a 15 year old boy summed it up nicely.
I'm guessing Shannon really likes their food and I will admit, the it was fabulous, because it's certainly NOT the service. (BTW, I think those were the best burger sliders I've ever had.) Second, the place was full of screaming toddlers! I guess every father wanted a little Hooter's for his special day. And last but not least, every table was dirty when we walked in. UHG. I get grossed out pretty easily by this. Restaurants should be clean. Period.
We had a wonderful day celebrating Shannon (even though Hooter's was involved). I couldn't ask for a better father for my boys. We are blessed by him beyond measure.

Thomas heads to some kind of athletic camp (can't remember if it's football or basketball, it's some kind of ball...) on Thursday at the OSU campus. Now, I'm a Texas girl, born and raised, and I know that OSU (Oklahoma State Univ.) is a GREAT school but I would still cringe if I had to wear it's colors because my kid decided to go there...
On 2nd thought, I would happily don the orange and white OSU Cowboy colors for a scholarship...
Just being honest.
Speaking of universities--Erik thinks he want to pursue some kind of marine biology or oceanography route. Guess I better get used to the idea of a non-Texas university for that. (OY--out of state tuition...) I think the beach will make up for it though. I could support any school with an ocean in it's near vicinity. He's liking Univ of Cali in Malibu...um...yes, I think I can do this! Must go visit soon.

This fall will mark the beginning of Erik's senior year! Seriously? How did this happen?!?! I love it though. I love my kids the older they get. I think they're pretty cool people. I'm biased, I know. I just can't wait to see who they become on their own!

Well, it's time to shut down the computer so I will bid you farewell until next time. Have a great week!


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