West Coast Is where my heart is!

We are leaving Seattle, WA as I type this and making our way down I-5 to Portland.

More than ever I know I need to live on the west coast somewhere! My sister and her family are in Sacramento and if it were up to me I'd move right next door! Don't know if my bro-n-law could stand it though. I would settle for a block or so away. :)

I just want to live where it's pretty and things grow. I also want to do more outside with out being blown to bits by the Texas wind or experiencing the extreme temp changes. I've almost got the hubs talked into it with the promise of finding hunting/ranch land where he can go play wilderness man.

I'm a born and raised Texan as is the hubs so to leave the state sorta feels like we are traitors... "Texas Forever" runs deep.

It would be so fun to have a new adventure! I mean, we could always go back...


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