birthday club

These are my peeps. We try to get together once a month to celebrate birthdays, but really, we come together to let lose! We span the board in age, personality and talent. We are a motley crew to say the least.

We often find ourselves the subject of stares and head shakes when in public. There is no topic we won’t breach. Nothing is taboo for us. In fact, the more forbidden the better!

We hoot and holler till we cry or wet our pants, whichever comes first. We relentlessly give each other hell and love it. We laugh at each other and with each other. It is the best and cheapest therapy.

There are times we band together and pick each other up during life. Many tears have been shed and broken hearts mended between us. We have been through death, adoptions, sickness, career changes and weddings together. We are a safe place to come apart in. There is nothing we won’t face together. We are real and in the middle of life together.

There is always something to celebrate, to find joy in and there is always love. Unconditional love.

Thank you girlz for who you are. My life is so much better with you in it.


  1. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful group of friends. I'm envious of you. I think that I will find it easier to connect with people once I return home....feels weird to say that. I've already found you Monnie!

  2. It is good being your "peep". I love you, Linda :)


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