Monday? Really?

I awoke this morning feeling wonderful. I slept great, felt energized and even decided to hit the gym after taking Erik to school. My head was clear and not fogged with pain or the pain hangover that leaves me exhausted. I was ready to start the new day and get a ton done!

Then I got out of bed.

First thing I remembered, the boys shower's not draining. Oh, and neither is the washer. And, as we brush our teeth, our sinks won't drain either. Shannon called the plumber, he'll come 1st thing in the morning. So, laundry is out today but no big deal. I still decide to make the most of the day.

I make it to the gym. Excellent choice, I must say, as it added that runner's high to my already happy attitude. Nothing is gonna get me down today.

Halfway through my workout, Shannon calls to say the Heat and A/C guys will be here this afternoon. Our basement is sweltering. Nice. Still not a big deal. I continue with my workout. Feeling good and jamming to my play list.

Finished workout and ran a few errands then came to the pig sty that is our home. I knew I had my work cut out for me today but I wasn't quite prepared for what I found upstairs in the game room or in the basement. Thomas had 2 buddies spend the nite Saturday. I am astounded by the mess they left. He will be very busy when he gets home from school. These 2 rooms look like a football stadium after a packed game. Disgusting. I was afraid to even set foot in them.

Now my runner's high has slipped away and I'm just plain mad. Really? Can no one pick up after themselves? Must they leave soda cans on the couch and wrappers on the floor? Dishes everywhere? UHG.

So, I took a shower hoping this would help wash off the mad. It did feel wonderful and I was able forget about the house for about 10 minutes. But then I got out and reality slammed back in on me. In order to cope, I decide to blog instead of clean. Procrastination at it's finest.

Procrastination--this is one of those things I want to change about my life. I have perfected this art, though no one seems to appreciate my excellence in it. I am remembering the movie "What About Bob" and the "baby steps" he does in it. I think: maybe this will work for me. I pick the least awful room, our bedroom, and attack it. OK! Not bad. Now our bathroom...oh, but wait--my closet is attached to the bathroom...can I just shut the door and deal with it later?

Maybe I will check facebook. Oh look! A new friend added me! That's exciting and so much more fun than cleaning...I must look at her profile, all her pics, all her friends to see if i know anyone else...

Oops, look at the time! I need to get in gear and make it look like I did something today. I should think about dinner too. Hummm, I wonder what's on TV? Did our DVR record that program? Oh yes! It did! Maybe I can watch it while I pick up the living room...


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