This morning finds me refreshed and ready to start the week. I love Spring Break for this reason. We played hard and had an awesome family trip to Winter Park and Denver Colorado this past week. I am now ready to jump back into the work week. Yes, I know, I don't actually hold a job but I do consider playing house work.

I came to realize last night that I have had my priorities out of whack. I've been kind of self-absorbed. I just hate it when I do this. It is something that I have to work on all the time. I tend to keep things inside. Shannon often says I am my own best friend. He's right unfortunately. I can entertain my self easily and tend to crawl into my shell like a hermit crab. I really retreat when I'm not feeling good and then I forget to come out once the storm passes. This is very hard on my family. I need to remember to not shut down completely. I do this so I don't lash out when I'm in pain. It's not fair either way tho. I get comfortable in my shell.

So, my iphone seems to be a major source of distraction for me. Too many apps for that! I am taking a stand and will not be on my phone unless I am talking, texting or listening to music. No more games. I am addicted to the stupid games and they have ruled over me far too long. Enough.

Secondly, Facebook...this I will allow my self to check it 2 times a day, if that. Too tempting to sit down, read posts and yes-play games.

Now, let's talk DVR. This must also be reigned in. I find myself sitting and fast forwarding thru commercials when I used do chores during them. I will make myself treat the DVR'd shows as if they are live. No more fast forward. More laundry will be done this way. I love to fold laundry while watching TV but without commercials, I don't change loads can see how things begin to pile up, literally.

This next one is Kindle...I can barely bring myself to write this. The kindle must only be allowed to come out when I am waiting for kids to be released from school or in a doctor's waiting room. If you see me parked at the schools at 1:30 in the afternoon, please intervene! I have justified "waiting" the 2 hrs before school is out just to read. I can get my Kindle out when I have all my duties fulfilled. And since I battle procrastination...well, maybe my kindle could be a reward to help me get chores done.

Cooking, I need to do better at being ready and organized for dinner. I get so tired of grocery shopping and then cleaning up after cooking. I need to change my attitude here. I will try for 5 home cooked meals a week. What's crazy, is that I use which gives you a menu and a shopping list each week but I still dread it. This emealz thing tho is awesome! I highly recommend it. We've not had one thing so far that hasn't been excellent. For the most part too, the meals are easy to cook and usually can be prepared, cooked and ready with in an hour. So what is my hold up? Just lazy, would rather do other things like read...

I must go now, I have a work out and lots of chores today. Wish me luck!


  1. I can so relate! I love the idea of emealz! Do you really love it? I may have to try it! Every Sunday afternoon I sit down with my cookbooks, coupons, and make my plan for the week. If I don't do this then it seems like my week is out of order! YOU do have a JOB! I have realized that this wife and mother thing is a FULL-TIME job! AND BTW - you are an awesome Mother & Wife!!


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