UC SUCKS! But reading is fun.

UC SUCKS! Yep, I said it. There it is- the plain truth of UC. It sucks.
OK, now that that's out of my system, I think I can continue writing.

Had a bad night last night, hence my irritated and pissy mood. Couldn't sleep-don't know why-just couldn't. So, I started reading a book. Mistake. The book was a topic I felt sure would help me to relax and fall asleep. The writing style of the author was very smooth and she used big words on a subject I was not interested in. This, I foolishly thought, was a book that would put me to sleep. WRONG. I became entranced by the author's literary style, her words and delivery wound around my brain and soon I was lost in the book. Each page sent me deeper into the characters and I became part of the story. I couldn't stop reading. The author's words were so intriguing and her characters so real. I had no choice but to finish the book.

I was in pain when I went to bed, now, I realize that. I am used to having some kind of pain. Rarely, do I have a pain free day. Most of the time I can cope with it. I have different levels of medication to take for whatever level of pain I'm in. Last night, this book was better than any medication. I escaped my body for a few hours and held on to each page as though I were woven into the paper. Her writing was rhythmic, I was hypnotized and drawn in to another world. Poetic rhythm soothed my aches and soon my senses were tuned to the flow and ebb of the black print on the page. I floated from one word to the next devouring their letters as though I hadn't eaten in days. I was hungry to escape my body and this book was a buffet prepared for me.

I read until I finished it. The last page came too quickly and I was forced back into reality. My thoughts swirled around my head as I lay in the dark. I wanted more. Not only did I want more but I wanted to write. I wanted to put words on paper and get lost in the act of it. Writing is healing for me. It is like crawling into bed after a long hard day. It's a place where I can be honest and not hide from myself. It is an indulgence like chocolate.

I can't remember not reading. Some of my earliest memories are of my mother reading to me, my Grammy reading from the Bible. I grew up surrounded by books. I remember going to the library with my mom and my sister. We could spend hours combing the shelves, reading book jackets. I love the smell of the library, the beauty of the books lining the cases. The quiet.

My right leg is on fire today. The lack of sleep didn't help but at least I was able to forget for a few hours last night. I am tired but willing to make the most of today. The weather has changed again and with it came the phantom arthritic pain. This is why UC sucks. It's not enough to have horrible colon issues, no--it must assault it's victim with joint pain too. Lovely.

I must go and find another book. Spring Break starts Friday night and I judge all my holidays by how many books I read during them. Shannon gave me a Kindle for Christmas, it ranks right up there with my wedding ring. I can keep all of my books with me and it fits in my purse! I am never with out it, plus there's an app for that! BONUS! My iphone now syncs to whatever book I am reading. Oh, how I love technology.


  1. I'm so sorry UC sucks! I've enjoyed reading your posts--but hate that you have to go through what you go through. And, you should write--more than just blog posts! You have a definite gift for it! After peeking into your soul through your posts, I still think you're awesome--just like I did when I was 3...:)

  2. You have a true gift for writing Monnie. I love that you can find an escape with a good book. I love reading, but my eyes start playing tricks on me and the next thing I know it tears are running down my face. There is a strange name for this thing my eyes do - but I forget what it is. In short, I forget to blink my eyes as often as I should and I've ruined my eyes from years of working on computers. Maybe I will have to give the Kindle a try.

    Don't you love how our joints predict weather long before the weatherman can? Just think of us at 50...we'll have it down to a science by then. Perhaps we will both be cured by then though....we can always dream.

    p.s. last night was my sleepless night - not even 5 minutes.


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