Tweeting Twitterer and other things...

Call me slow...
I've had a twitter account for quite sometime now but until lately, I haven't used it. I a m now a tweeting twitterer! It's kinda fun and I'm finding others to follow that peak my interests. Took me a while to get the hang of it though.
So do you twitter? If so, who do you follow?
My following list consists of friends, UC organizations, health and women's interests, local and national news, as well as prophetic people of God. I've come across some helpful hints too. I find I can learn new things and be pretty entertained for some time.
Follow me @monnieab
About my last post, running the Turkey Trot 5K in Austin, I've got to collect some sponsor money for the cause.  If you'd be interested in helping out, please click the link below to donate. I really appreciate it! I actually hate asking for money but sometimes it has to be done. So here I am--asking. 
Fall is coming. I can feel it in the cool mornings even though it's still pretty darn hot in the afternoon.I'm ready for fall. I love everything about fall, especially the clothes... But seriously, there's something about fall that brings my family closer. Maybe it's the school routine and being home together in the evenings. The boys (husband included) love fall for hunting season! I love it, because when they go hunting--I go shopping...
I also have time to read. Of course, I always make time to read, no matter the season! However, during the fall, I can read and sit with the family and read while we all watch football. When the weather finally cools down enough for a fire--even better.
I recently went to Sacramento, CA to visit my sister and her family. I love the fact that she lives somewhere so different from here! It makes visiting even more fun. While I was there, I found some time when everyone was napping including the parents, so I took advantage of the "alone time" and headed out on a run.
First, I am not used to running in the city since I live in the country. When I can't get to the gym I will run a dirt road close to our home. So running city blocks was a nice change. There were so many cute houses to look at since she lives in "Old Town Sacramento" which was built around the 30's. I totally got lost in the architecture and landscaping. Before I knew it, I had run longer and further than I had planned. I was also very lost. Second, after walking several blocks in order to catch my breath and get my bearings, I realized my shins were starting to hurt. I figure this is due to the cement and asphalt verses the dirt and grass I'm used too. Sacramento is also lower altitude than we are here in the panhandle of Texas. Humidity was also quite a factor. Not used to humidity at all! It was a fantastic feeling though, knowing I could zone out and run further than I have in a while in an environment my body is not used to.  Gives me hope for the 5K in November.
Several of my close friends are at new stages in their life. I am impressed by how well they have taken these new changes. Some are dealing with being empty nesters with their last child heading off to college while others are trying to deal with marriages that have ended. I've witnessed  my friends struggle through the death of a spouse, a child and a career. None of which is easy. I feel at such a loss sometimes. I want to help, to comfort or even just encourage but sometimes, I can't seem to find the way or the words. I do pray for them though. I hope they know how much I want to take their pain away. 
Homecoming is October 15th for Canyon. I have been busy making mums. I really enjoy this. It's fast, easy and has a wide rage to creative. I only started making mums 3 years ago. I actually had to have a friend come show me how to do it. I felt pretty silly when I realized just how easy it was. I've started looking forward to it now. I've spent the last couple of days putting together a couple. I love experimenting and doing each one different. 


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