Is there anything a glass of wine cannot fix?

I've just finished a very long day on about 4 hours of sleep. I do not function well on 4 hours of sleep. At this point I'm not sure I even know my name...

The house is still a wreck and a lot, I mean A LOT, has to be done tomorrow morning before my amazing, wonderful, awesome housekeeper comes. But I am done, well done and probably crispy on the edges.

I've been fighting double ear infections since Thanksgiving and this darn cold wind is not helping! I spent last Friday in the ER of the Childress, Texas hospital. Black Friday for sure! The doc there listened patiently as I explained how many antibiotics I am allergic to or just can't tolerate due to the Ulcerative Colitis. He then gave me a steroid shot (hence the little sleep still) a round of antibiotics and some ear drops. Let me just say--I had forgotten how miserable earaches are! I have new sympathy for babies who can't tell you their ears hurt. Now, my biggest issue is taking care of my gut and praying the antibiotics don't do a number on me. 

I managed to shop for ornaments today and ended up cutting my shopping short. While in the middle of Hobby Lobby, I had a coughing fit that nearly made me wet my pants. Good grief, it was awful! Anyone who has had children knows, coughing- sneezing- laughing can all result in a very embarrassing situation. Thankfully, I made it out with dry pants but by then, I was ready to head home.

Now, at 8:34pm I am sitting in my chair with my Bubba-dawg (1 of my 2 Westies) at my feet waiting to watch some good TV with Shannon. A very nice glass of wine sits on the table beside my chair. I am ready to chill. 

So good night all...


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