Yeee Haaaaww!!!! So glad it's Friday!

Man, this has been a heck of a week! Most of it was spent in bed due to major hip pain. Went to doctor on Wednesday and she said the hip pain is Bursitis. Evidently, there is a little sack called "bursa" on the side of your hip next to the bone and when it is enflamed and filled with fluid it hurts like HELL! Just to wear jeans was excruciating! So, she whipped out a steroid injection with a very long needle and proceeded to stick it dead center in the sorest part of my hip to inject that little "bursa" sack. Thankfully she numbed the area first with a spray that freezes the skin, but I was still pretty sore all of Wednesday and Thursday. Today is the first day I have felt decent in a couple of weeks.  I even worked out with Killer today.

Now, the kids are busy enjoying their Friday night and I'm ready to do the same. Part of me wants to go paint the town red after being in bed all week but instead I'll be playing catch up with the laundry...
I did open a bottle of vino so that should make chores a little easier. :)

November is here which means Thanksgiving is approaching and I keep reading all these posts on Facebook and twitter about what people are thankful for. I have a lot to be thankful for but right now the biggest thing I'm thankful for is modern medicine. Yes, I have benefitted much from modern medicine but that's not what I'm talking about now. A close friend of my husband took his 16 year old son hunting last weekend and had a terrible and tragic accident happen. While the 16 year old (who has grown up around guns and knows gun safety) was cleaning his deer riffle, it went off. The bullet went up through the boy's jaw and out through his nasal cavity and one eye socket. Amazingly enough, he is alive and was conscious after the accident. His family rushed him to the ER where he was air lifted to Lubbock. He was stable enough for surgery and the docs repaired one eye the best they could and managed to stop the bleeding and keep him stable, though he is still considered critical. I think, today they flew him to Baylor Hospital in Dallas so that he can receive the next round of surgeries and treatment. They are just beginning a very long and hard journey. I pray for them daily.

This time of year is always exciting to my kids and hubby. They LOVE to hunt! Shannon has always taught the boys to be careful and safe with guns, just as his friend did with his son. Sometimes accidents happen though and my heart is breaking for this family and their new reality. Life is just so precious and we cannot take one day for granted. It has made Shannon and the boys be extra careful while they are using and caring for their riffles.

Did you vote on Tuesday? It sure was interesting. I wonder what will take place now? Will anything get done or will it be a traffic jam of political agenda? I did not get to vote because I waited until Tuesday and then I couldn't get out of bed so I was a little disappointed. However; as it turns out, Texas went red which was fine with me. I'm not a big political person but I was glad to see all the red that evening as the polls came in. I hope we'll be a bit more balanced now. It's never good for one party to hold too much power, regardless of political affiliation. The one thing I know for sure--too much trust in man will always let you down. I figure God is in control anyway.


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