Moving on...

We are officially 27 days from Erik turning 16! So many emotions. I am always excited for that next new step in my kids' lives and this one is no different. I love seeing my children grow and bloom into who they are apart from us. It's an amazing process and I am so grateful to be a part of it.

Preparing for Erik to drive means I must grow a little too. 6 years ago I test drove a little white Mustang convertible and kept her. This was a rebound car for me. Not for the reasons you may think, though. "Mustang Sally" became my theme song, as I soaked up the sun in my little white stallion, wind whipping through my hair.

Mustang fever was brought on by a couple of life changing events that happened in 2004

A very close friend was told her breast cancer was back and she needed a miracle in early 2004.  We (her friends and family) watched her deteriorate as the disease consumed her shortly after her 40th birthday. She lost her battle in August of 2004 but is now forever healed. Her death made me realize how precious and short life can be. We must never take a single day for granted.

I was diagnosed with UC in July of 2004. I was so sick, both physically and emotionally. Heartbroken on so many levels. Learning to cope with this disease and handle the stress of my sweet friend dying was almost too much.

I needed something to make me feel good. I know it's cliche--the whole mid-life crisis thing, and all. But, when I got in that fun little sports car, I could turn up and the radio and just drive. I could loose myself in the wind and scenery. There's something very intimate about driving a convertible. It's like you become part of the car, the road, the wind. You feel alive. And that's what I needed.

I've driven it less and less over the last couple of years. Partly because the boys no longer fit comfortably in the back. And maybe, because that phase in my life has passed, I no longer need something to distract me from life.

It's time to move on, to let go of what was and embrace what is coming: a 16 year old boy! The Mustang will leave me with fond memories and a little extra cash to help Erik buy his truck. I'm ready now.
2005 Ford Mustang
9,000 Miles
V6, Automatic
6 disc Shaker stereo system
Leather interior
Light tan soft top
More fun than you can imagine!


  1. My Mustang was "Wild Fire"....oh how I loved that pony. It was white too. Soon after Randy and I got married he insisted on trading it in on something that didn't move so fast. At least when we get old we will be able to say when we were younger....
    I am now looking forward to the day I turn 50...Randy has promised me a black Cadillac.
    But now that I think about it...I will be in your situation...John will be almost 16 and baby girl will be 13. Boo-Hoo....


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