Monnie Update from Shannon

Hey friends and family,

Monnie is home!  She has gotten much better over the last few days and has eaten food and kept it down. I think today is the third day for food.

She is a bit overwhelmed by the thought of having this bag from now on and it is a little bigger and a little more problematic than we had thought it would be.

However she is a tough girl and Since she's been home has been sleeping pretty good. I hope she can get her strength back now that she can eat and really rest.

Thank you to everyone for all of the prayers the visits and the meals.

I'm sorry if I haven't kept everyone updated quick enough .

After 13 days Living between the hospital and a few hours to sleep and take care of boys I really have no concept of time or whose done what for us

except I know we have many great friends who have all shown us incredible support and love .

So thank you so much!

i have somebodys crockpot thing here. I think it's gary wells not sure. If anyone wants to claim it please let me know.

Thank you to all of you.

Monnie has a recovery still to do but she is on the way.

Thanks for all of your prayers,

Go cowboys



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