My prayer list runneth over

Today is already full of crazy emotions and it's only 6:45AM.

Last night a wonderful family said goodbye to their baby son. Both his parents and grandparents are beautiful people and have endured a lot during his short life that was filled with special needs and constant care. He beat the odds far longer than was expected making him their little "warrior." Our love and prayers are with them and hope that God's peace and comfort will help them through this very difficult time and those yet to come.

Another friend has been dealing with some thyroid issues. A biopsy coming back with the word "carcinoma" can be a bit of a shocker and world rocker. She will begin radiation soon and other treatments as well as surgery to remove the thyroid. She is an amazing mom to 4 little boys so these next few months will probably be very hard on her as she has to put her health front and center. This is a very hard thing for a mom to do as we tend to put ourselves last. She is blessed with a wonderful family, supportive husband and lots of friends. Her family will be well taken care of by all those who love her. I have no doubt she will recover fully and this will only be a speed bump in the road of life. She and her family will be on my prayer list through this entire ordeal. Looking forward to that "all clear" diagnosis at the end of this!

It seems that when I learn of someone passing it usually coincides with someone giving birth. Call it the circle of life or whatever but it's always something that cheers me up and reminds me of the awesomeness of our God. What is more precious and pure than a newborn baby in all their pink wrinklednesss? A sweet and dear friend will give birth to her 4th son today. I can't wait to squeeze on him and nuzzle his little baby neck.

Another very close friend is having a hysterectomy this morning. All routine but still a big surgery. She too, is a mom to 4 boys as well as a teacher. She is also blessed with family and friends who will step in and cover her family as she heals.

There are only 4 days left until my running partner and I run in a half marathon. My stomach does flips just thinking about this... When we decided to do this in August, it seemed so far away but now it's staring us right in the face and I'm a little scared. OK, a lot scared. Maybe terrified is a better word.  I am going to run 13.1 miles on Sunday.  Really? What have I gotten myself into? Oy. All I can allow myself to think about at this point is the finish line. I will not obsess over mile time or pace, my goal is to finish even if I'm crawling over that dang finish line. I keep telling myself that this time last year, I was awaiting a 3rd surgery. One that almost killed me! So I will focus on the fact that I could be dead instead of huffing and puffing towards my goal.

I am sending up prayers of thanksgiving. I have so much to be thankful for and I often take that for granted. My prayers of love, peace and comfort go out to all my friends as they start this new day. For some, it will be hard and sad as they find their new normal in the days to come. A few will face some big decisions and fear of the unknown while others will have some pretty major physical pain to deal with and yet we will still celebrate new life too.

Life can be such a roller coaster. I guess, with out emotion we would be heartless and what good would that be? Bring on the ups and downs because with out the downs, we'd have no way to judge the ups. We must remember to celebrate life every single day because life is short and a true gift!


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