Standing on a Line and Fighting Back

I came across this profound quote today as I was mindlessly skimming Pinterest and it took my breath away. That's me! I actually said this out loud to the dogs curled peacefully at my feet.

Yesterday was Humira Starter Dose Day. I administered 4 shots via a push button pen into the fleshy part of my legs. The starter dose is 4 injections which burned like mad. The process was as simple as promised but the burning sensation of the medicine was a bit surprising. I had heard it burns a little but dang, after 4 shots that "little" burn was quite big. Once I get past the series of 2 shots I will go to 1 every 2 weeks. I can handle the burn of 1 injection every 2 weeks if it's working! I'm hoping and praying this is a miracle worker for me. I'm ready to feel good again.

This week marks 6 weeks from my surgery. My new stoma (Lilly II) is doing her job very well. She is actually prettier than her predecessor, sorry Lilly I. Lilly stands for lil' illy or little ileostomy. She's little more symmetrical and a tad smaller too. Good job doc.

So, in celebration of the 6 week release date, I bought myself a gift. Something to mark the new journey that lies ahead. Something tangible I can see and touch to remind me that I am a warrior. I found this necklace on Etsy about a week or so after writing the Fighting Back post. It's perfect and befitting of how I feel. The awareness color for Crohn's is purple and I love (and miss terribly) my boxing workout at Nick's Fight Club. I am nowhere near being able to go back to that at this point in time. I will have to work up some endurance first. It's such an intense work out when I'm at my best that I think it might kill me if I tried it right now. I can barely walk down the street to the mailboxes and back right now.

The last surgery I had in  December 2011 released me in March 2012 and I began running, well, more like fast walking but I did eventually work up to a decent jog. I call that running. And 1 week shy of the 1 year anniversary of Lilly I, I ran a half marathon. I have no desire to do that again but I am going to set a goal for 1 year from Lilly II's birthday. Things will be different this time because of the stupid Crohn's diagnosis so I'm not sure what that goal looks like at the moment. What will December 2015 bring? I'm actually kind of excited about figuring this out. I'm starting to look Crohn's in the eye and shake my fist, maybe even extend a certain finger.  I'm fighting mad and that might just be what saves me.


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