cranky colon

I am so sick of my colon. It is on my last nerve right now. While my doc assures me that I am still in remission, my colon still reminds me of it's diva like presence on occasion. My inflammation markers in the blood work done every six weeks aren't even detectable which is HUGE as this is a sure sign of remission. I believe the doc when he tells me this, however, my cranky colon still acts up now and then. The last few days have been a little rough with yesterday being the worst. I was able to go about my regular day with exception of 400 trips to the bathroom, until yesterday. It started with a sleepless night and after sleeping in a little I went back to bed an hour after getting up. I didn't have energy to do anything productive, then after lunch the cramping began, not to mention that I'm still going to the bathroom like crazy. I took another cat nap before picking kids up from school then came home and laid down again. This time I slept deep and hard. When Thomas came in to wake me to take him to the dance, I wasn't quite sure what day it was, let alone the time. At dinner, I broke out the pain meds. There was just no way around it. It took several hours and 2 dose to finally get the pain under control. We ended up having a nice evening relaxing at home and catching up on our DVR shows.

Today has been much better pain wise but I am still a bit fatigued. Pain always leaves me a little hung over the next day. That's what I call it because I feel very tired and run down and even have a bit of a headache sometimes. Trips to the bathroom have decreased by a little more than half too. That makes me very happy! 

I wanted to go to the gym today but, honestly, am a bit concerned about having a bathroom emergency and 1) someone occupying it causing me to wait or 2) having an actual accident. UHG, I wouldn't be able to show my face in there again! These are the woes of people who suffer from UC or other bowel issues. The fear of embarrassing one's self by having a public accident is enough to keep one's self shut in the house and never leaving!

Though I've come to terms with waiting out the bad days and making the most of the good ones, I still throw a pity party now and then. I hate the bad days and that's when I seriously consider a ileostomy (the removal of the colon). What keeps me from the ileostomy? I don't want to have the 2-3 consecutive surgeries for the procedure. I'm tired of being in the hospital, having surgery and being down. I guess, for now, I'll fumble through the bad days knowing that eventually joy comes in the morning.


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