CHS Prom 2010

Shannon brought up a very interesting point, please don't tell him I said so. He brought to my attention how quick I am to change my mind. Can't decide if this is good or bad...
Point in question- CHS Prom. Now Erik is a freshman, mind you, and his girlfriend just happens to a junior and so the topic of prom arose. I had told Erik, when he was dating a different junior, that prom was out of the question since he was just a lowly freshman. Dating a junior does not a prom entitle you. Freshmen do not have junior privileges. So, here we are in April with a new girlfriend and prom is the hot topic. She is a wonderfully sweet girl whom I like very much. (I liked the old girlfriend as well, I should just state that for the record.) So, anyway, the current girlfriend asks to talk to both Shannon and me. You guessed it-- Prom. She very politely and respectfully states her case for Erik to attend prom with her. We tell her we will consider her argument and let her know one way or another. 

As Shannon and I converse about said subject, it occurs to me-- why couldn't Erik attend the dance part of prom with out the staying out all night part of prom? Thus Shannon and I discuss this option. Here is where he says I change mind on a whim. He never had a problem with Erik attending prom with certain restrictions, I did. I have now come to the conclusion that Erik may escort his date to dinner and on to prom but must come home afterward. Shannon, no dummy, allows me to think that this is totally my idea. And so, Erik is allowed to attend the prom on May 15, 2010. 

Erik's date arrived at our house via her daddy. (A very nice man.) We commenced with the ritual picture taking. I must say that I am absolutely, 100% sure that Erik was the best looking guy at prom that night. I'm not just saying that because I am his mother. His grandparents, aunts, and many of my friends told me so. 

We ended up driving Erik and date to dinner at David's Steakhouse and then taking them on to prom. The lovely date does not have a car, which was ok, since it allowed us to usher them to and fro. I much preferred that anyway. 

When we picked them up, they were still beaming. Evidently a good time was had by all!

Back to Shannon saying I change my mind on a whim. I'll have you know--my whims are very thought out. I think it shows a lot about a person who can reconsider the facts and decide to change one's decision. I would hate to be considered--GASP--stubborn! Seriously though, Shannon helped me see that compromise is a win-win situation. He can be so wise sometimes...


  1. Beautiful! I agree with you...he was the best looking guy there!

  2. Wow, if you guys have been married for 15 years & you are just now figuring out compromise, I feel for poor Shannon.... j.k. I too, have been accused of "mind changing". My wife says I do it at the office all the time & it confuses the staff. Now I'm going to use Monnie's excuse because it makes us look better than just being flip-floppy. For what it's worth, I think you guys made a good decision. Oh, and I also thing his g-friend is a sweetheart!

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