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We are headed to Oklahoma City today to trade in my Toyota Sequoia and buy something non-Toyota. After someone I know experienced a horrible tragedy in a Toyota, I am unwilling to take any chances with my own family. My vehicle was recalled, I had it fixed but it still makes me nervous. My friend lost his wife in a 2010 Highlander and it's sounds very suspicious of the recall issue. I've not heard if it was due to the recall for sure, but the 2010 models were supposed to be fixed, or at least that's what I thought. None the less, we are not risking it. 

A person always thinks that these things won't happen to them and really, that's such an arrogant and ignorant outlook. I kind of had that attitude when all the Toyota recalls hit the news and then, I got my recall notice a few months ago. I had the recall taken care of and then promptly put it out of my mind; but, a few days ago I learn of my friend's wife. I can't begin to put into words how this shook me. When my mind is idle I am thinking about him and how drastically his life has changed. All because of a possible car defect. Am I putting my family at risk everyday in my own car? A pit in my stomach formed Thursday evening when I learned of this and has not gone away. Every time I get in my car, I think about it. My heart is broken for him and his family. 

I do not live in fear of death or even the unknown. I know God has my back and if it's my time, a different car will not deter His plans. I am OK with that. Really, OK and my faith stands firm. However, my job as a parent and steward of God is to do what I can to protect and care for my family. If I have doubts about the safety of our family vehicle, then I must do everything in my power to (1) remedy the situation and (2) provide a safer environment. Fortunately, we can afford to go and make a change at this point. I must give give God the  credit here, for without Him, nothing is possible.

The months of March and April have been full of so many ups and downs for us. I've had some medical issues including surgery, we lost Shannon's grandmother, had to put our fat cat to sleep due to renal failure and hurt with our friends as they've experienced their own losses and tragedies. Can I just say, May has to be better? I know that when we experience pain, we are given the chance to grow and learn, even gain wisdom for our own lives. It helps us to become deeper, richer souls and recognize God's love, mercy, and grace at work. Without pain and heartache we would be such superficial people. Though it's hard, I try to always remember that God and Jesus suffered much worse, that this will soon pass and joy comes in the morning. 


  1. Great post! I don't blame you - I would be looking for a new vehicle too! Now let's get excited about you new mode of transportation! And yes I agree with you MAY is going to be most EXCELLENT!! Back to the new vehicle...
    will the hubby buy you something sporty?? Let's get something with a rag top and bright CHERRY red! Oh have teenage boys - big and roomy huh?? After 20 years of driving Suburbans Randy bought a loaded Ford Expedition a few months ago and we LOVE it!!
    Have a fun day to NEW beginnings!!

  2. I love my GMC Yukon XL. Happy car hunting!


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