Remicade Rocks! (part 2)

Wow! What a difference a day makes! Or maybe, it's a full night's sleep. Last night is the first night I slept through the whole night with out waking up in about a week and a half. Shannon took the boys to school which allowed me to sleep in until 9:30! Complete bliss.

It's amazing how clear your mind can be after a sound sleep. I think I can actually accomplish something today. Except--all I want to do is go play and celebrate feeling good again. That is what I will do. I just decided. The laundry will be here when I am done playing, as will the dishes and other chores. And, if I am smart about it, I can get some slave labor out of the kids after's all in the timing.

Still having a few rumbles in the colon but not enough to dampen my fun. If I'm careful with what I eat then I should sail right through the day. My hips are still achey, but again, I plan to push right through that. I think if they are still bothering me next week, I'll head to my joint doctor for the mega shot in the hip joint. Hurts like hell at first but I get relief before I even leave the office.

I am so thankful for modern medicine. It's given me back the quality of I life I was used to before getting sick in 2004.

Now, I must head out. Got a 20% off coupon to one of my fave stores and it's calling my name!


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