Remicade Rocks!

Ahhh, today was Remicade day. My six week pick me up appointment! 

Things are going well with my port now. What used to be a harrowing experience of getting an IV started has now turned into a much more relaxed and routine infusion!

I numb the area with a lydicane cream 30 minute prior to the appointment so the "hooking up" part isn't bad at all. The port insert has healed nicely and is not as noticeable. My nurse is able to draw blood from the area as well so no more sticks in the arms! 

I still haven't quite caught up since my surgery though. I was 2 weeks late in receiving my remicade treatment after surgery and it has definately taken a toll on me. Since I've been on a 6 week schedule I have felt great the entire 6 weeks but going 8 weeks between appointments is too long. I begin to feel very run down and exhausted in the 7th week and the 8th week brings signs of colon trouble. Now that I am back to 6 weeks, I find I am still struggling with the exhaustion part. I slept all day Tuesday. I mean ALL freakin' day! It was like I was drugged! As if someone had slipped me nyquil! I was miserable. Today was not much better either. I slept through the infusion, after running errands and picking up kids, I came home and slept for 3 hours. And, get this-- I am still tired. Seriously, I could go to sleep right now and not wake up until Sunday. Blogging is helping me to keep the lids up a little longer and go to bed at a normal hour.

The other symptom I seem to really be struggling with right now is joint pain in my hips. My right hip is so tender I can't even lay on it. It radiates with pain sending shock waves down my entire leg. This morning it woke me up at 6:30 screaming at me. It took a while to walk normally as it was not only sore but very tight as well. I am loving getting back to the gym but this pain has put it on hold the last two days. It's hard to accomplish a goal of loosing weight and toning up if your body refuses to cooperate. Usually, I just push through it, but there was no ignoring it this time.

So, tomorrow I try again. (Story of my life.) Going to try a new shake drink thing too. It sounds promising but I never know how my colon is going to react to such drinks. This one promises to be tasty and healthy and I can mix it with soy milk. I really hope it works for me. Will let you know how it goes.

Yesterday, I saw a photo of an older pudgy man, in a speedo no less, on a beach soaking up the UV rays. He was the color of dark, DARK copper with a cigarette hanging from his mouth and a beer bottle in his hand. I wondered: how can someone like this, who has obviously indulged in "bad habits" his whole life, feel good and productive everyday? Now, granted, I don't know for sure if that's the case but it looked like it. Here I am, struggling to feel good, taking care of my self, eating right, not smoking (though I would love to), drinking moderately (again, would love to indulge more) and still feel pretty crappy. I know I sound like a 3 year old when I say this: IT"S NOT FAIR! I try to exercise on a regular basis and can't seem to loose the extra pounds. I wouldn't dare put on a bikini and subject other people to that sight. Never mind the fact, that if I stay in the sun too long I get a horrendous rash that causes whelps and severe itching with a nice red speckle to boot. Can you imagine if I lit up while laying out? I'd be dead with in the hour, of this I am quite sure.

I must say that I am looking forward to summer though. I have always thought that I should live somewhere tropical. If I ever do- I will invest heavily in sun screen. Maybe I could pay my medical bills with the stock proceeds... Anyway, as I was saying, summer is fabulous! I love the relaxed schedule and the warmth of the sun. Since putting a pool in our backyard I have become a bit of a fish and a hermit. I think I could live on the back patio in a swimsuit as long as my fence is not blown down by the generous panhandle wind. 

Well, that's about all I can do tonight. My eyes are heavy and my typos are many so it's time to say goodnight. Thanks for caring about what I have to say, I feel so honored.


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