Dehydration and Life

Yesterday's run was HARD as heck!! I really struggled. First, I ran on a school track which was very boring and second, the wind was pretty strong making it a struggle to stay on pace. It was also 5pm, this is not my favorite time to run. I think I was already tired from a busy day. And because I was so busy all day I did not drink water like I should've. People with ostomy bags can get dehydrated very fast; it didn't help that I forgot my camelback either. My mouth was like cotton the entire time. HATE THAT! I also noticed that I was extremely sore after this run. Probably from a dehydration. Note to self: Must remember camelback from now on.

I will need to run today since I will be on an airplane all day tomorrow. Having a very hard time getting motivated after yesterday. I will need to pick somewhere interesting so I can get lost in the scenery. Then I will reward myself with a pedicure! Yes! That is exactly what I will do! Something to look forward to...

My oldest son has his junior year prom in a couple of weeks. I cannot believe this kid is 17 and going to be a senior in the fall. He was just a tiny thing a few days ago...or so it seems. He has morphed into a man over night. I can't tell you how proud I am as I watch him taking steps toward independence. He has a lot to figure out over the next year; I have a lot to prepare for. I already have so many mixed emotions about his arrival into early adulthood. I am so excited for him to follow his dreams, to see where life will take him but, at the same time, I want to rock my little baby boy and sing to him as I run my fingers through his silky baby hair. A mother never forgets the feeling of her child snuggled securely in her arms.

Remember the New Opportunity post from a week or so ago? Well, I've been working on notes to include in a power point. My friend, who asked if I'd be willing to speak and do a clinic on a patient's experience with UC and Ileostomy, sent me a copy of what she submitted to her team on why this would be a good idea. This is very exciting, intimidating and challenging for me! It's very detailed and obviously, I will only be expected to talk about what relates to my own personal experiences. I think this is an incredible opportunity to educate future nurses on how to relate and deal with patients going through something of this magnitude. I had some wonderful nurses and some that needed to go work in a meat packing plant (far, far away from any living creature) over the course of my illness, various hospitalizations and surgeries.

This is a portion of her proposal that I will use to form my part of the presentation.

Proposed Gastrointestinal Simulation
Purpose: The intent of a gastrointestinal simulation is to better prepare nursing students entering into the clinical setting and those about to graduate and become licensed nurses for how to care for the patient with a gastrointestinal related disease process. Additionally, students will gain a better understanding of the patient response to gastrointestinal disease processes and how they can improve nursing care of patients diagnosed with gastrointestinal related disorders. Overall, students should be able to demonstrate their understanding through clinical competencies and improved performance on the gastrointestinal portions of their exams.

Gastrointestinal Disorders through the Patient’s Experience

  • Monnie Burdett and her life long battle with Ulcerative Colitis
i. What does an NG tube feel like?
ii. What does it feel like to have a stoma?
iii. What does it feel like to wear an ostomy bag?
iv. How does this affect intimacy and self-worth?
v. How can nurses improve the patient experience?
  • Patient Teaching through the eyes of the patient
i. NG tube
ii. NPO
iii. Surgery
iv. Medications
v. Diet
vi. Stoma care
v. Gastrointestinal Skills Competency

  •  NG Tube Insertion
  •  Stoma Care
  •  Pouch Care
If any of my fellow ostomates and IBD sufferers have anything they would like to add to my presentation from your own experiences, I would LOVE to hear from you! Please feel free to direct message me via facebook if you don't want to leave a public comment here. If I did the widget right, you should be able to hit the facebook icon at the top right hand corner of my blog then private message me there...


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