Home from another walk/run training session. My legs hurt. I stink. I NEED COFFEE.

I really do enjoy running. This is just hard because it's a faster pace than what I am used too. It's not fun at the moment and I want to like it but it hurts. I will say, I feel very accomplished after though. I'll hang on to that.

I am looking forward to our trip to Vegas tomorrow since I will be taking the day off from running. I'm going to try to hit the gym in the morning to do a little weight lifting, if I can get out of bed...

I am NOT a morning person. It was all I could do to put my running shoes on this morning before coffee. For some reason, it seemed like a sin to strap on an athletic bra and shoes before the clock read 8am. Yes, I'm pretty sure it's against a law somewhere.

Most of my workouts are either mid-morning or later in the day, when I'm awake and functioning like a human. I also have to be aware of what I've eaten and how quickly my ostomy bag will fill up during workouts which is much easier to keep track of when I am awake. This morning, I downed a protein shake and bar on the way to drop a kid at school then to meet up with the runners. I wasn't sure how my bag would react to this while I was running. To my delight-- it hardly had anything in it. It wasn't until I got home and had some coffee that things started moving. I was worried it might be a bit heavy after the shake and with all the jostling it might cause the whole thing to come loose. I do wear a belt type wrap that keeps it close to my body while running but even then, if it has much in it, it can become a bit cumbersome. I also need to change the whole "appliance" but wanted to wait until after showering so, I really was pushing the limits with it today.

I wonder why they call the ostomy bag and wafer an appliance? When I think of an appliance I think refrigerators, stoves and ovens or washers and dryers,  not medical supplies. Obviously, whoever named this as an appliance didn't have one because they would not want to walk around with an appliance attached to their body. It's more of an accessory. Yes, I like that much better, accessory. Hummm, maybe I'll bling it out and make it a true accessory. Everyone will want one then! Oh, a new trend--how fun!

OK, I think I can get up now, coffee is consumed, pain killer is taking effect, and laundry awaits.


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